Sometimes, It’s Just Too Late 2

Manasseh could not even save his own family. His own home. His son had become an avid idol worshipper, who spoke out against God just like he did in his youth. Yes friends, repentance can bring “us” salvation, but it can’t save us from the consequences of our past life of sin. I’ve heard drug addicts, who have found Christ and overcome their addictions speak about the devastation they could see in their past, that destroyed the lives of others because of their influence, and they were now unable to change that, or help those people. Your influence MATTERS.
Remember the story of the Prodigal Son? Remember the great story of him returning home and repenting of his actions and being awarded with a giant feast and welcome home party? Now, how many of the people he hung out with during his time of great sinning does the story mention coming home with him? None, not a single one. Their lives, as far as we know, were not spared. They didn’t find that saving grace that he was blessed with.
Remember the story of Esau? He sold his birthright over a bowl of soup! His favorite, but still…SOUP!  He was completely okay with this at first, later he was very sorry for it once he realized exactly what it meant. God would ultimately forgive Esau for his sins, but it didn’t change the effects of his past. You see, repentance saved his soul, not his life.
Remember the story of David, few characters in the Bible have a sin-story as ugly as his. He had his friend killed where he could marry his wife. The picture of repentance that David paints us is heart-breaking. Because though David found mercy in the arms of God, his deeds weren’t changed. If his sins could speak, they would have mocked him saying “your salvation may help you, but I have caused the loss of purity from your daughter Tamar, have turned your son Ammon into a rapist, and your beautiful baby boy Absalom into a murderer who seeks your demise and throne”.
An old man found Christ one day, but had been a drunk, a violent drunk toward his family in his younger years. When he tried leading his sons and daughters and ex-wives to Christ, nobody listened, because of the man they once knew him to be. The years spent in sin cost his children salvation. I heard a story of a pastor who visited a town, and a young lady wanted to come and get saved and join the local church, but her mother wouldn’t let her. She had an older sister who was old enough to decide for herself. The following year this pastor received a call from that same mother asking him to perform a funeral for that same little daughter because she had been hanging around with drug users, drunks, and gangs. After that funeral, the pastor was riding in the car with big sister, and mom. That day the mother found salvation, and told her oldest daughter that she had found the salvation that was offered to her by her younger daughter the previous year. The older sister said “No Mom, it’s not the same salvation, if you had accepted the salvation of last year, and let my sister do the same, she would still be here. Now it only means salvation for yourself.” 
You see, Manasseh saved himself, but not his kingdom, or his family. I leave you today with two things:
1- If you have Christ in your life, keep this message in your heart as a reminder of the influence you have, because it will last forever in some form.
2- If you have not received Christ as your savior, it is not too late. I have an outline on how to do it, and you can view that by clicking HERE.
“Choose you this day whom you will serve……as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15
God Bless,

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