Sometimes, It’s Just Too Late

“I will cause them to be tossed back and forth among all the kingdoms of the earth, because of Manasseh, the son of Hezekiah, king of Judah, for that which he did in Jerusalem.”  Jeremiah 15:4 WEB
I know that I have spoken to you recently about Manasseh, and how he turned from the godly ways of his father Hezekiah (arguably, Judah’s greatest King), bringing more sin into the nation than any of his predecessors, being punished by God, and eventually in the late parts of his life repenting, and returning to God. The problem here is, I only covered a small part of the lessons that you can learn from the life of this man. My studies brought me back to him again, but with a new message. Sometimes it is just too late. I know that our faith is based on forgiveness, but what about the ripple effect our sins, prior to being forgiven have on those around us, sometimes it is those who matter most, and other times, like in the one we are talking about today, the ramifications of our sin, effect generations throughout history, even if we find repentance for ourselves personally.
You see, Manasseh, steered an entire nation to sin by not only allowing, but participating, enforcing, commanding, and promoting Idol Worship. Idol Worship, is worshipping something other than God, in Manasseh’s case, it was worshipping false gods, i.e. Satan. That’s right friends, Satan. In all of history one of the devil’s greatest weapons has been false religion. We see it today in Buddhism, Islam, etc. Anything that is not acknowledging Jesus Christ is Idol Worship, back then it was anything that recognized any other gods. Pretty BIG sin on the part of the King right? Turning God’s own chosen people to worship his eternal enemy. Wow.
Today some of you are in sin and are even more guilty than Manasseh because God has sent warning, after warning, after warning, and rebuke, after rebuke. God even went as far as to send his only Son to Earth to die for your sins, that you may be forgiven and live with Him eternally. God has called us through our conscience, restlessness, and hunger of our hearts. God has called us through our search for “something more”. God has called to us through our sorrow, pain, and loss. God has called us through His mercy. You see, our need in today’s world, is not more enlightenment and tolerance. Our need in today’s world is to embrace the enlightenment right in front of our faces, and spread the word to those we love, and those seeking what we have found.
The old expression is that “nobody sins alone”. This is very true. Your influence might not be quite as far-reaching as Manasseh, but a life of sin sets in motion influences that will be handed down throughout the end of the very world we live in. You see, an old pastor said “You have control of your own actions before they are done. But after they are done, seeking to control them is in vain.” So fast-forward now to Manasseh, after he came  back to God, and returned to his homeland. What happened? Nobody listened. He tried to steer people away from sin, and back to God, but nobody listened. He learned the hard way that it’s easier to lead people astray, than it is to lead them to a godly life. Manasseh has effectively created his own personal Hell on Earth. Knowing the truth, and having nobody care.
(continued tomorrow, stay tuned)
God Bless,

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