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Superstitious or Supernatural?

Bulletin/Handout notes
Original Message/Sermon: Pastor Ricky Mosel
From One50Five service on 10/2/11.
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From the series: “Christian Imposter”
SUPERSTITION: a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation. 
SUPERNATURAL: of or relating to an order of existence beyond the visible observable; especially : of or relating to God.
(But He isn’t always, has never claimed to be, and never will.)
1. Sometimes God says “NO”!  (Acts 12:1-5 NIV)
2. Sometimes God says “OBEY”!  (Acts 12:6-11 NIV)
3. Sometimes God says “YES”!  (Acts 12:12-17 NIV)
God’s character is not determined by our circumstances!

Lose your faith in five easy steps!


Today is the first in a five-part series I am titling “Lose your faith in 5 easy steps”. That probably sounds a little counterproductive to what we normal shoot for at I.M., but I think it is far past time we talk about the five main things that immediately kill our faith, and these things aren’t even the BIG things people normally think about, these are the small things, that eat away at our faith like a cancer slowly but surely over a long period of time. I was inspired for this series by reading the book Weird, which I recommend, Craig Groeschell is an awesome Christian author.

Have you ever found a piece of glass on the beach? Probably not, but trust me, they are there. The thing about glass shards dropped on beaches is that over time, the elements smooth the rough edges, grind the piece down, and eventually, it just looks like another smooth-sided pebble on the beach. We have a choice to avoid becoming like very other pebble on that beach by resisting these five things.

First on the list is our title for today, BLAMING GOD. We will be getting in to that tomorrow in our audio section, stay tuned!!

Prayer that goes beyond blessings


I have recently finished reading Pastor Craig Groeschel’s book titled “Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working”. It is a life changing book if you take it to heart, because it makes you look yourself eye-to-eye and see the real you. Not the you that everyone else see’s, the REAL you. There is a prayer in his book that I wanted to share with you all today, as opposed to our usual format. I pray you enjoy, print, and continuously take the steps in your life to be weird also.

“Years ago someone wrote this prayer for all of us who long for more than just the gratification of normal blessings:”

“May God bless you with discomfort at easy answers, half-truths, and superficial relationships, so that you may live deep within your heart. May God bless you with anger at injustice, oppression, and exploitation of people, so that you may work for justice, freedom, and peace. May God bless you with tears to shed for those who suffer from pain, rejection, and starvation, so that you may reach out your hand to comfort them and to turn their pain into joy. And may God bless you with enough foolishness to believe that you can make a difference in this world, so that you can do what others claim cannot be done. May God bless you with the weirdest blessing possible—his divine burden.”

When many people pray for blessings, they pray for financial needs to be met, their kids college grades to come back higher than last semester, their local (or favorite) sports team to win the big game, their health or the health of others. Praying for the health of others is probably the noblest of those listed above. But what about praying for the ability to feed the hungry, take care of widows and orphans, teach the gospel, or lead people to Christ? I pray you ask God to place a divine burden on your heart today. A divine burden to do more, to help more, to serve more, to aid wherever it is needed in His work.


God bless,





Saved By Grace

Presuming that everyone has read the story in the Bible about Mary and Joseph “losing” Jesus in Jerusalem only to find him ministering at the church in the middle of town, I feel compelled to bring something up with you today. I have recently come to the conclusion that even though I am doing the best that I can to remain faithful to what God is calling me to do sometimes I can neglect the important things. Before I start, I want to share what exactly I mean by remaining faithful in my callings. On Sundays I practice choir at 7:30 AM after waking up an hour earlier regardless of what time I actually made it to bed. From that time on, I am at the best church on the planet until after lunchtime singing in three straight services. The rest of the week I am doing my absolute best to come up with things to write about for Inspired Ministries blog page, which you are reading now, and I am thankful for you. Doing my best to minister for Christ to the 1800 readers on the 4 continents that God has blessed me with. On Mondays I receive an email with all of the weeks services collective prayer requests and praise reports which I pray over personally and confidentially. To top it off, I have recently began a new ministry, which is somewhat of an extension of Inspired Ministries titled WLYU ( with two of my new best friends. WLYU is a completely different prayer ministry available to anyone, at any time of day or night. Those seeking prayer send in emails on their own, or via one of us, and those things are lifting up to Jesus day in and day out. We have been quite blessed thus far with results from our Heavenly Father. Everything from ICU releases to Immigrational Issues. I work for my company’s corporate office full time, and then some on some days. I am raising my five month old, who is the greatest little boy I could have ever prayed for. I do my best to be the husband, father, and family man to a group of the greatest, and sometimes strangest, people alive. I do my best (which is not nearly enough) to stay in contact with my closest friends outside of my church family. And I must say, don’t get nearly enough sleep between four ministries, a career, and being a family man to boot. Now, I said all of that to say this, and get back to the matter at hand. Mary and Joseph were the earthly parents of GOD HIMSELF, in human form via Jesus Christ. And EVEN they got too wrapped up in whatever they were doing to realize that he had not been with their caravan. We all try our best to stay as busy as we possibly can, and never really give our savior the attention he deserves. As I pray today for myself in this department, I pray for you too, and ask you do the same.

Don’t get too down on yourself because of this, even his own parents neglected him. But we need him more than they knew at that time they did. We need him for our very souls to reach Heaven and find our reward there. I pray you take this matter seriously today.

Stay Blessed


Thoughts on friendship, faith, and prayer through stress.

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On Friendship: Friendship is like a wonderous novel. It takes years to write and only seconds to burn. One lesson we learn from Jesus, even without reading His sermons is how important friendship is. He chose 12 apostles. Not because He had to, because He wanted to. He very well could have started His church without them, if that was what He wanted to do. However, he knew the importance of comraderie. A life alone is simply not the same. We were built to be communicating people. A species that speaks together, thinks together even. Ever heard the expression that two heads are better than one. Jesus obviously believed this. He even called his closest friends His family on at least two occasions. Not as in “family through God” but as His literal family, they were that close.

On Faith: When God solves your problems, you have faith in His abilities; when God doesn’t solve your problems, He has faith in your abilities. Maybe just maybe, if He does not give you what you pray so hard for at times, it is really because He knows that you can handle things without Him. He will be watching, very closely. But, He has given us all different abilities. Those of us who are good with music have an ability to get people ready for worshipping God through the inspiration of music. Those of us who have the gift of teaching are used to give great sermons. Those of us good with anything have a purpose and when God does not give you exactly what you ask for maybe, he has a different idea of what exactly you are good at even if you are unaware what it is just yet. Stick around, set the cruise control and let go of the wheel because you will never walk on water, sitting in the boat folks.

On Prayer through Stress:  Worrying doesn’t take away tomorrow’s problems, it takes away today’s peace. Prayer is a vital part of a spiritual life. As I said in the previous point, your prayers aren’t always answered. But they are ALWAYS heard. You are not promised tomorrow, and for that matter you are not promised five minutes from now. I live by several mottos but my favorite is simple. “Don’t worrying about anything but pray about everything”. It may sound easier said than done but with practice, just like anything it adds more peace than I can begin to describe. Enjoy your loved ones today instead of worrying over things you have no control over, you may not have another chance to. We do not predict the future, not accurately. Instill a prayer time in your day, and things seem to begin to be much easier.

God Bless


Do you treat prayer like a spare tire?

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I read an email today about people’s various outlooks on prayer. It seems that most of us view prayer as a “spare tire” that we pull out of the trunk only when we need it. The email said that prayer should be viewed as a “steering wheel“, I disagree with this. I believe prayer should be used more as a “GPS System”. If you make prayer a part of your daily lives (as I try to…) then it becomes something different than just asking for help for you or others. It becomes a bond. A personal connection between you and God. I am a firm believer in speaking to God as if you were speaking to your best friend, or even more so, your mentor. You show respect but it is very important that you do not look at God as some “far away” being that watches you from a distant. God is right there with you when you pray. For that matter, God is right there with you when you crank your car, clock in at work, or take a breath of air. He is in all things. Hopefully in your heart. So in praying more, you begin to see a direction for your life as opposed to only using it when you need something. Who are you going to let guide your drive? You, who have no idea what is around the next turn, or God (via prayer), who created the next turn itself???

In closing I have two things:

1)”The prayer of the righteous, is powerful and effective” (James 5:16)

2)Never forget that your windeshield is large and your rear-view mirror is small. Take from this that your PAST is not as important as our FUTURE. Look Ahead and Move on. (I added this because I liked it, and because it, like the beginning of this blog is a car analogy)

God Bless

Turning Away

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For the life of me I do not understand why human nature is, what it is. Why is it that temptations seem so much greater than what we know is right. The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. It seems to me that the Galatians had the very same issue a couple thousand years ago. On a side note, in case you did not know, Galatia is now what we would call Turkey, a muslim dominated country. However, Paul during the time of his great evangelism was writing to them pleading with them to run away from the temptations of the world, he used fairly stern language on the matter: “When we walk with the Spirit, we walk away from the flesh”(GAL6). So do not feel down about yourself when you stray or fall victim to those temptations, this has been a difficulty for Christians since Jesus’ time. Just do your best, and speak to God during your prayer time on the matter. He is there to help. After all, it is the same God who delivered the Israelites through so many bad situations as you are praying to now. “I, the Lord, do NOT change”(MAL3). By honoring God in prayer and worship you show your seriousness to Him. He already knows your heart but it is entirely up to YOU to let him into it. During these terrible times of temptations, be still, and know that “The lord has compassion on those who honor him(PS103).” And this very compassion will guide you through and away from your troubles and temptations.

God Bless