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Emails from Allen (10052011)


I admit it. I was glued to the television as Amanda Knox heard the news that she would be freed from Italian prison. Not guilty. Her reaction was rivaled only by the look she had as she boarded the plane to head home to America. That look of relief, joy, and delight could only be matched by a child at Christmas. Or a cancer patient who just got good news.

My friend, Jack, has fought cancer for two years now. 3 major surgeries, nearly 40 chemo treatments. And he received the news this week that his scan shows an all-clear. At least for the next two months, no more chemo, no more exhaustion. When I saw him yesterday, his face shone like Amanda Knox’s.

Amanda and Jack have both learned a lesson that most humans fail to grasp on a day to day basis. We rarely remember this unless we suffer. Too often, our busy-ness in life causes us to take the most valuable lesson for granted. Here it is: Life is precious. It is a gift. Savor and enjoy each moment. Embrace the people around you. Because you never know when your freedom, your health, or your life might disappear.

Here’s to Amanda and Jack. May they both enjoy the coming days with glee. Through their suffering, they’ve earned it.

Grace and Peace,