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“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” (Mark Twain) Reading this after being surrounded by a few hundred of my closest friends for a couple of hours last night hit home for me. The audience was amazing. Our tech and sound teams were as close to flawless as possible. The musicians raised the bar. And the vocalists, were unbelievable. Two vocalists stood out even more. To avoid names, our lead singer and a male tenor both suffering from vocal problems from the changing of the seasons dug down deeper than either thought possible and pulled their voices back from the deep end. A slight scare with our drummer, two youth giving testimonies, and an outstanding guest vocalist all made it back quite literally right at the buzzer from a youth retreat. I still greatly miss one of the on stage presences and believe that the particular person will be back soon as prayer is quite powerful, but this is neither here nor there. Last night was the strongest service I think I have ever participated in. The partaking of the protestant Eucharist (communion) before the night felt incredible. And the way it was set up for the congregation was just as much. I used the Twain quote to begin the blog today because it speaks of GREAT people making you feel great as well. And from the smallest newborn (which was possibly mine) to the oldest person out there in the crowd, I truly felt as if I were surrounded by the greatest people I have ever had the priveledge of being around. It was quite a production and I look especially forward to the next.

-God bless



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    • Brandon KellerGlad you liked it.

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    • Steve WoodsonIncredible blog and even a more undescribable evening. The presence of God and the Holy Spirit cannot be merely described but must be felt by those who are willing to allow His presence into their heart. Many youth before have felt God’s power and seen his hand at work and turned from his presence. I pray for every young person who wore glow bands last night that God will continue to burn an eternal glowing light in their hearts and it will grow brighter and shine longer FOREVER Amen.

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    • Brian David WoodsonAmen Amen and Amen. I am so in Love with our Savior. He gave us all a voice last night. Almost every person on that stage last night had been struggling with vocal issues. The enemy’s been defeated and death couldn’t hold Him down. We lift our voice in victory. We will forever make His praises LOUD.

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    • Cindy WoodsonThat was an awesome blog. I really wish that I had felt like going Sunday night. Daddy hasn’t stopped talking about it yet and you know it takes a lot these days to get him excited about church. I can’t wait until Sunday so that I can go back. Really looking forward to the new series. Love you.

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