Emails from Allen (9/27/11)

Christoper Columbus arrives in America

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It’s been a stormy 10 years – an attack on our mainland, 2 wars with pain and sacrifice, an economic recession and an economic crash, and a lot of good people looking for work. In storms, it’s easy to face each day with real fear. That’s where Christopher Columbus comes in.
Each morning on the Santa Maria in 1492 began the same way as the ship bobbed its way to America‘s shores. The ocean was the zone from which many people never returned, a place of fear. So Columbus managed the first minutes of each day in the same way. The clear, crisp voice of a young sailor would pierce the sea air each morning, singing these words
Blessed be the light of day
And the Holy Cross we say
And the Lord of Verite (Truth)
And the Holy Trinity
Blessed be the immortal soul
And the Lord who keeps it whole
Blessed be the light of day
and He who sends the night away
Christopher Columbus and his crew were doing a lot of traveling into uncharted waters, and they began each day with, “Thank you.” That is what these words are. Thank you. Gratitude. Because when you say thanks, or think thanks, or burst into a song of thanks like the little guy on the deck 500 years ago, no other thinking is possible. There’s no room for grim thoughts that weaken your resolve. Gratitude makes no room for the negative. Say thanks for the day, and you will not only get through it; you just might triumph over it. It worked for Columbus. Here’s to thankful sailing.

Grace and Peace,



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