Women & The Gospel

Jesus on the Cross

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My current Bible studies have been based on a mix of Biblical, Historical, & Archaeological facts about the Apostle Paul’s life and ministry. For the women in ministry out there, and the men who arrogantly believe they have no place in ministry, the following is for you. An excerpt from the book The Life of Saint Paul, by Prof. James Stalker, D.D.

“A prominent feature of the work in Macedonia (Greece) was the part taken in it by women. Amid the general decay of religions throughout the world at this period, many women everywhere sought satisfaction for their religious instincts in the pure faith of the synagogue. In Macedonia, perhaps on account of tis sound morality, these female proselytes were more numerous than elsewhere.”

“They pressed in large numbers into the Christian Church. This was a good omen; it was a prophecy of the happy change in the lot of women which Christianity was to produce in the nations of the west (America). If men owe much to Christ, women owe still more. Christ (especially through Paul’s message) has delivered her from the degradation of being man’s slave and plaything and raised her to be his friend and his equal before Heaven.”

“While on the other hand, a new glory has been added to Christ’s religion by the fineness and dignity with which it is invested when embodied in the female character. These things were vividly illustrated in the earliest footsteps of Christianity in Europe.”

“The first convert in Europe was a woman, at the first Christian service held on European soil, the heart of Lydia being opened to receive the truth; and the change which passed upon her prefigured what woman in Europe (and eventually the rest of the world) was to become under the influence of Christianity.”

“In the same town of Philippi there was seen, too, at the same time an equally representative image of the condition of woman in Europe before the gospel reached it, in a poor girl, possessed of a spirit of divination and held in slavery by men who were making gain out of her misfortune, whom Paul restored to sanity.”

“Her misery and degradation were a symbol of the disfiguration, as Lydia’s sweet and benevolent Christian character was of the transfiguration of womanhood.”

You see, for my fellow-men out there, who make the mistake of telling women where there place should be in the church, this critical study from Paul’s travels tells us that if anything, women add to what Christianity is supposed to be and if they were still subjected to teaching Sunday School and keeping nursery alone and nothing more, our faith, our church, would not be what it is today.

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