Rewriting “We Three Kings”

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We all know the Christmas song listed above. It’s one of most of our favorites. But, it is not based on facts for the most part. The story of the wise men or magi visiting Jesus on the night of his birth are warm in all of our hearts, but factually, and gospelly incorrect. Our Christmas cards show magi standing under a bright star. Most of the story though, is based on fictional church tradition and nothing more.

These guys were not kings at all. Magi, in 1st century Israel were astronomers and magicians, not royalty. These guys are named Melkon, Bathasar, and Gaspar in the apocryphal books about Jesus’ childhood, but no gospel record verifies anything written in those books. Christian writer Tertullian called them kings in his writings in the 400’s, and the apocryphal books I mentioned were written in the 600’s.

We also don’t know that there were three. We assume this because they gave three gifts. Our image of wise men going into a stable to meet Mary and Jesus is wrong because Matthew tells us in 2:11 that they came to the house where the saw the CHILD and his mother. Notice child, not baby, and house, not stable or cave.

These men were most likely Persian magicians and astrologers, trained in interpreting star patterns. The Bible says they came “searching for the king of the Jews because they saw the star in the East”. As magicians, they probably studied the Torah, and knew of the books of Numbers and Daniel where these things were spoken of in prophecy because when they found the child they noticed not only his royal pedigree but his divinity as well.

Finishing for today, lets look at what The Interactive Bible tells us.

“There is no evidence that the Magi were led to Jesus by a bright low hovering star. Such a star would have been quite noticeable by many people. The fact that Herod had to ask the Magi when the star appeared, proves that the star was not out of the ordinary to the untrained eye. Only the Magi, who studied the stars would notice it.”

(immediately continuing tomorrow)



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  1. hope Says:

    interesting…gbu brother chris

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