Parenting Styles 2

While being a parent can bring us so much joy, there is also a flip-side of the coin that breaks our hearts.

An old pastor once said “To see disease take our children in hand and wreck their bodies is painful, but it is a joyous experience when compared to seeing sin steal their morality and innocence and purity. But the deepest of all the damning griefs is that grief comes to us when realize that we were the ones who failed them, and their downfall is due to sin and unfaithfulness that they picked up from us”.
That is a harsh reality. To know that our habits and hang-ups can influence our children’s later decision between salvation and eternal torment. This reminds me of King David. David’s son Absalom had fallen to sin, became a murderer, and decided he, not his father the great King, should be the King. Absalom set out to destroy his father’s legacy, and potentially kill him. It eventually became a situation where David had to send his troops to eliminate his own son and his followers. My heart breaks thinking how David had to feel when the messenger brought the news of Absalom’s death. David cried out “Oh my son Absalom, Oh Absalom, Oh Absalom, my son, my son”. The pain David felt inside over the death of his son, could not possibly have been greater than the pain in knowing that, at least in part, it was David’s own fault.
Jochebed, chose to risk everything for the chance of saving her son, while David’s mistakes and personal flaws, witnessed by Absalom as a youth, eventually played a roll in his demise.
As a parent, guardian, family member, mentor, or church member, we have a responsibility to our kids. Which of the two characters of today’s message will we learn from? Which will we decide to be a model of?
Today, if you are in the process of looking for salvation, you can find out they easy way to talk to God about it by clicking HERE.
God Bless,


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