Parenting Choices

Pharaoh’s daughter said to the woman, “Take this child, nurse him for me, and I will pay you.”
Exodus 2:9 GWT
Quick back story, Pharaoh was having all the first-born sons of the Jews, put to death. In order to save her child Jochebed, mother of Moses, put him in a basket and stuck him in the river hoping someone would find him. Pharaoh’s daughter, the Princess found him when she was taking a bath in the river, along with her assistants. Moses’ older sister was keeping watch from a distance, approached and told the Princess of a woman who could nurse the infant from her, who in turn was Moses’ mother Jochebed, who was then paid financially by the Princess, but even more so from the experience of being a mother to her child, even if it was only briefly until he was weened.
I recently spoke about the character of Naomi in mothering her daughter-in-law Ruth. How David, Solomon, and eventually Jesus would not be the men we have come to know without her influence over their grandmother. The same is said for Jochebed, even though I would be willing to bet, that out of 4,500 of you guys, less than 5% would recognize her name, I didn’t. The woman of faith, Jochebed made Naomi possible! Yes, we can give credit where it is due. The character, shown in her trusting God with her son’s life, and her nursing him during the day knowing that every night she had to give him back to his adopted mother, the Princess.
Jochebed’s character, made Moses possible. And thanks to Moses’ actions, a chain of events was put into place that would eventually lead, again, all the way to Jesus Christ. You see, Moses, leading the Israelites out of Egypt under God’s protection, made possible a nation of Israel to one day have a King David, a Jeremiah, an Isaiah, and finally the birth of Christ Himself. We see the joy, and while reading of Jochebed, we can even feel her happiness.
(This post will wrap up tomorrow, stay tuned!)
God Bless,

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