Displaying Positive Character Traits

How many of us have had arguments with our wives, or husbands over our mother-in-law? If we are honest, we all will raise our hands at that question. Today I want to speak to you briefly about Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law. I also want to talk to you about God’s Intelligent Design. You see, God knew about Naomi, and the strength of her faith from the beginning of time.
Ruth grew up a pagan in Moab, along with her sister. Naomi, her husband, and her two sons were Israelites from Bethlehem, which was in a drought and famine. Poverty had overtaken the land of Jesus’ future birth. Against their better judgement, Naomi’s family decided to move to Moab, where there was food and water in abundance. After they got settled in, against the laws of Moses, both sons married the two sisters from Moab.
Then the father died, followed by the deaths of both sons/husbands. Years later now, Naomi decided it was time to return to Bethlehem, leaving one of the sisters behind, but the other, Ruth (the grandmother of King David, and therefore a grandparent of Jesus Christ) loved her mother-in-law so much that she left her homeland, pledged her allegiance to Naomi, and dedicated her life to God. Her mother-in-laws faith was so appealing to Ruth, that she could not walk away from life with her. Eventually, Ruth would marry Boaz, in honor of her late husband, and life went on.
The whole point of this story, is that the “mother-in-law”, the butt of so many of our jokes, and sometimes our complaints, set the standard. God from the beginning, hand-picked Naomi for the faith He knew she would one day exhibit. That faith that would one day influence a young Ruth to follow her, and to be an ancestor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Character is defined by how you behave when nobody is watching. It appears obvious that Naomi was chosen by God, to be a grandparent to His Son, based on her character, as well as her faith in Him.
She would pass on those character traits to her late son, who in turn passed them on to his wife Ruth, then Ruth’s child, and then of course King David, King Solomon, and so on, all the way to Christ. As a parent, there are responsibilities. Naomi took on the responsibilities in the case of Ruth. She filled the gap that was lost by leaving Moab, the only land that Ruth had ever known. The only way of life. She parented, and mentored Ruth. She led a life of faith in the eyes of God, and a constant display of a godly character.
You have an opportunity if you are a parent, mentor, teacher, pastor, ministry worker, etc. An opportunity to live a life, that echoes throughout history in the lives of those who come after. Like Naomi’s character would influence the biggest heroes of the Old Testament, and Jesus Himself. Before we can do this, we have to make a decision to follow Christ first, and if you haven’t you can do so by clicking HERE. I’ve broken it down for you, and made it very understandable and simple. If you do not, I pray you one day will give Him your heart.
For those of us who already have Christ in our lives, there is always room for improvement in a spiritual life, and choosing today to begin exhibiting that legacy defining character, that can only come by true faith, and a true relationship with God.
Go show your character, you never know who you could influence years from now.



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