God Will Complete What He Begins

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A young woman decided after high school that her life’s calling was to be a missionary in India. She had made all the needed preparations for the trip, when she got a call from a relative that her mother had been diagnosed with a terminal disease and needed her badly. She postponed her trip to India, and went to tend to her mother in her final days. This miraculously, against medical predictions, lasted for three years. When her mother finally went on to be with Jesus, she made all of these preparations to again leave and be a missionary in India.

This time, it was her sister. Her sister had also been diagnosed with the same ailment that took her mother from her, and she had three children. She once again cancelled her trip. After living with her sister for a very short time, her sister passed away and she was left with three orphaned kids. At this point, she knew her mission in life to be a missionary in India had to be cancelled in order to raise her nieces and nephews in her sister’s honor and memory.

Finally! All three children were old enough to look out for themselves. The problem now, was that she too had taken ill with the same disease as her mother and sister. She however, had saved enough money to be cared for in a nursing home instead of putting that on her inherited kids. One day, very near her death, the kids came to visit as they did all the time, but this time they came bearing news. All three were now adults, married, and Bible College graduates. The news they came to tell her, was that in her honor, they too had a passion for missionary work, as well as their spouses, and all six of them were going to India to apply their calling!

It was after hearing this, the woman realized down deep in her soul, she had not failed to do God’s work. His purpose for her life, had indeed been accomplished, in His own way, in His own time.

God, who began a good work among you will bring it to completion.  Philippians 1:6 ISV 

Things do not always happen the way we believe they are supposed to, but believe me, with regards to ministry and Christian life, they ALWAYS happen the way that God believes they are supposed to.


God Bless



2 Responses to “God Will Complete What He Begins”

  1. hope Says:


  2. Pat Says:

    Amen!!! God is always in total control.

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