The Sincerity of Satan

I usually am able to absorb things I read like a sponge. Here we are in early June and I have almost read the entire Bible, almost all 16 Left Behind novels, a Bible-Facts commentary, 17 books of the Apocrypha (mostly for entertainment), a short story on Kindle based on Star Wars (Yes, Star Wars), both novels in the Just as I am” series, “Imaginary Jesus” (an awesome fiction novel about how we tend to create and serve our own version of Jesus that suits our needs), and a “Da Vinci Code type of book” titled Elisha’s Bones this year alone. If you weren’t keeping count, that makes over 100 works before we reach the halfway point of this year. Not bragging, but it is an addiction of mine, I love reading, and love learning, as you can tell the theme is most often Christianity in one genre or another.

I hit a snag a few days ago while reading Daniel. More like a brick wall to be honest. It was in chapter three, and about the three young guys getting tossed into the fiery furnace for not bowing to the statue of the king. One thing stood out, first this is the Book of Daniel. Second, where was Daniel? This led to a ton of speculation on my part, and asking others their opinions. You see, it is hinted that the entire kingdom of Babylon is in attendance, and that all but Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Again, where was Daniel? Tons of schools of thought on his location. Mine was that maybe he slipped in his faith and bowed. The problem with that was that out of all the great heroes of the Old Testament, the only two who were never spoken of in a critical sense are Daniel, and Joseph.

Others think maybe the bad guys were too afraid of Daniel, because of the power of God that had already been shown of him. While others believe that he was out-of-town, which to me, doesn’t make sense since he was a P.O.W. even though he was a higher ranking official. Either way, I spoke to both of my coworkers about it, and two of my friends from ministry work. Nobody could provide a better glimpse into what may have happened that I had already found. So I found myself confused? Then a scripture came to mind.

For God is not the God of dissension, but of peace…  (1 Corinthians 14:33a DRB)

When there is “dissension in the ranks” there is great confusion. My confusion was caused by the seed of dissension that my human nature (and Satan) had planted in my mind. I was beginning to question the entire book of Daniel, over one chapter not giving me clarification on all the tiniest details. I never did come to a conclusion about Daniel’s location, but I will ask him one day personally (if it even seems relevant at that point). You see, often when we are on the brink of giving in to the confusion, or buying in to the deceit, and in some cases, temptation, we find an offer right there on the table from Satan himself. The offer summarily reads “I can do this, this, and this for you. All you have to do is stop living for God, and start living for yourself.” You see, living for ourselves, is actually living for the Devil. In my case, my pride in wanting to know things, was a perfect way for Satan to attack me. My thirst for scriptural knowledge and understanding made me an easy target with the Daniel “conspiracy”. Satan is actually VERY sincere, he will give you the things he says, but we all know the price is higher than we can afford in the end. Then… happened again…..

The next day, I was listening to an audio sermon from a neighboring church (I love Pastor Grimes sermons) but again, a seed of confusion and deceit was planted) I found myself disagreeing (with good reason) on a particular view-point that Pastor Grimes holds on how God speaks with us in today’s world. The point itself isn’t important, what is important, is I began questioning the teachings I had been hearing all year-long as a whole. This is very problematic. And yet another scripture came to mind.

Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.  (John 8:44b NASB)

The seed of confusion and deceit, came back and this time it grew into a lie. A lie about the amazing teaching I have been blessed to enjoy this year all over a difference of opinion, that nobody but God can truly know the answer to! Sounds pretty ridiculous doesn’t it? Consequently both of these events happened after my first week of co-leading Life Hurts God Heals for our amazing youth group. We as Christians “Don’t do coincidence”. I was being attacked this week, and finally one last verse came to mind from Kevin’s sermon last week. In John 14:6 Jesus clearly states that HE and HE alone, is the WAY and the TRUTH. Therefore, when we become confused in our faith, or scripture study, we need to pray over it, read further, listen for God to answer, and remember that if He doesn’t then the answer itself is usually right in front of us and he expects us to see it already. So you see, that confusion that can make you easily tempted into that offer on the table from the evil one, is only partially sincere. There is a price to be paid after the gifts are received. Today, I am glad I serve a God who is not partially sincere, and is COMPLETELY SINCERE. We know that God is love, wisdom, and truth.

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