Make every day Pay-Day (3)

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(continuing where we left off yesterday)

How often to we promise God things and go back on it later? Some of us have done this even to each other. How far ahead of us is this old hero Jeph? Think of the vows you took as members of your church. Many of us haven’t even fulfilled our commitments to our debtors much less our churches. Some of us have yet to even pay for the clothes we are wearing right this second and never will either.

 Maybe we made promises to serve in our church or financial commitments and never came through just because our church won’t sue us. Keep in mind that those promises to your church, were not made to men and women of the church, they were truly made to and before God himself.

Many of you reading today have read other messages on this site, and made commitments to God based on the impression God put on your heart after reading the message. Remember, most of you didn’t tell me of those promises, some did, but the fact is, it isn’t me you turn back on your word with, it’s God. Just like Jeph, “you gave your word to God and cannot take it back”.

What about the promise you made to God when you were sick? What about the promise you made to God if he would bless your family with a child? What about the promise you made to God by the death-bed of a love done? I pray that God will help us make today a spiritual pay-day to Him. I pray that we can all honestly say “I have given my word to God, and I can’t take it back”.  

God Bless



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