The Green Eyed Monster

Thursday’s post about David was “coincidentally” a perfect example of what has recently happened to a friend of mine in the workplace. If you missed that post you can view it HERE. For those that did, a quick recap: King Saul becomes jealous of the admiration that his people had for one of his soldiers: David. Saul sends soldiers, formerly David’s comrades, to kill him. David cried out to God for help, and received deliverance, going on to become one of the greatest kings of all time.

This story reminds me of another recent post about Jonah. God gave Jonah instructions on witnessing to the archenemies of the Jews, the people of Nineveh. Jonah however, didn’t want to share his people’s blessings with the gentiles. Calling someone a “hater” is not something I generally do, but it is a modern term for people who dislike you, and take every chance they get to run you down. Being a “hater” is an act of jealousy. Those people don’t hate you, they hate the blessings, the “good stuff” that you have, simply because they don’t have it.

So early in his story, Jonah would have been a hater. Saul, also was a hater. You have haters, everyone does even if they don’t know it. The Bible is an endless tale of haters. Jesus certainly had them, they killed him. The prophets of old had them, they were killed by them. For a more recent example, think about someone like Dr/Rev Martin Luther King Jr. King was assassinated by a man who did not want to share the same freedoms with black people that he and his “people” had. You can read up on “apartheid” in South Africa too.

My friend, at his job, was once a normal employee like 90% of the work force there. Once he earned himself a better position, a couple of his friends, who he had been friends with years, became jealous because he did not necessarily have to “go with the flow” like they do. He was on a different playing field with regards to management. I could list several from what he has told me, and I have seen or heard first hand. God instructs us to “love our neighbors” regardless of the covetous feelings that we have in our hearts. God also instructs us to do whatever it takes to avoid having and allowing those same feelings to influence us.

David cried out to God. He cried out that he had done nothing wrong yet his former brothers were out to harm him. In today’s world, rarely to people put a prize on somebody’s head like they did back then. Instead it turns to gossip, rudeness, ignoring one another, being envious to the point of real hatred even. Have we as a people not learned anything from King Saul, Jonah, and the Pharisees? Jealousy will bury you. It is a cancer that can literally¬†eat you alive. Today I encourage you to think hard about who you are a little jealous of, what relationships you may still be able to salvage over your own feelings or those of others toward you. We are called to be a people of GRACE, not ENVY.

I don’t really see myself as a jealous person. There are a few blessings that others have that, yes, I wish I did. But I know that I serve a mighty God who has me where he wants me, and is making all things work together for my good.

God Bless,



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2 Responses to “The Green Eyed Monster”

  1. Joseph Story Says:

    What an awesome post of exactly what does go on in the work place. Would love to hear some solutions to try to fix a problem like this. Thank you for hearing and accepting God’s Calling for you.


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