Deborah (conclusion)

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(Today’s Bible study is brought to you by my dear friend Amy. It is on one of the most influential women in the history of all creation, and very well written I might add. For you men that may fear this post wouldn’t apply to your lives being that it is by and about a woman, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is a great tale of how God can use anyone from any background at any time to suit His purposes…..Enjoy & God bless,    Chris)

 Deborah was also very righteous, she was known for her sound mindedness, her sense of Decency, order, and justice. Notice when she held court it was under a palm tree out in the open. Back in those days a women did not sit alone in a house with a man that wasn’t her husband, father or brother. Another thing to take note of, the people came to her; She had to be anointed by God, back in those times, because women only had the rights their men folk gave them and in the Jewish laws they had very little rights as well. Her husband, “Lappidoth,” was only mentioned once. Most great women in the bible are related to great men, Deborah stood on her own merits or virtues, because she was very careful to only voice God’s will, and not her own. 
Deborah was a woman of great faith. She had to be, to take the vision God gave her to General Barak. When she did as instructed she fully expected Barak to assemble his troops and head out. Shockingly he said to Deborah, not without you. Obediently she said ok, but God wants you to know HE will use a woman (Deborah) to defeat Sisera.  There should be no doubt that God will use us in big ways if we stand in total faith & obedience, in spite of what godly men wish or think. He did it then; I have no doubt, God will do it now.
Deborah stood for courage in a time of fear. She stood for Godly wisdom in a time of human reasoning, when “every man(men & women) did what was right in his own eyes.” Deborah in the Bible is a wonderful inspiration to us. Because we are women, we are not a lesser person in the eyes of God. As Godly women we must rule the sphere that God puts us in with total trust in Him. We may be single, married, mothers, professionals, grandmothers, retirees, and much more, but first and foremost, we must be Godly women, totally trusting in Christ as our Lord and Savior. Our faithfulness should be evident in whatever we do. As we are faithful, God is most faithful to pave the way. I see this played out more and more as I am Faithful to minister where God takes me. Thank You My Heavenly Father, for paving the way. I say this to the ladies; we all have a purpose in God’s kingdom to fulfill, walk on water, answer the call, don’t look down or back, let JESUS be your standard of truth.
May God bless you all with GREAT faith! 


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One Response to “Deborah (conclusion)”

  1. Sherri Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful inspiring post. I pray that many women and men are lead to read it and follow their calling from God.

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