A Good Man (conclusion)


Quick recap from yesterday. We learned together that Barnabas was called a “good man”. We learned that the word “good” has much more meaning than modern speech implies, it’s one of the highest compliments or titles that can be given. I even venture to say that the word good, carries a similar connotation to the word “perfect”. You will recall the numerous times in scripture we read that “And God saw that it was good”. We always see that phrase when God has finished doing something major and is moving on to the next task at hand. God doesn’t doing anything half-way. When he finished something it’s a complete work of art, a perfect work. Then, we finished with learning the first two, of four, character traits that Barnabas possessed that made him eligible for the title “a good man”. Those two were:

1.) Barnabas was a great SERVANT.


2.) Barnabas had a strong FAITH, not just in God, but he believed in his brothers.

Moving on to today’s message. The first of the final two character traits that make someone a good man are:

3.) Barnabas shared his faith in God with others.

Barnabas grew to be one of the most known missionaries of his time. Right up there with Paul. As a matter of fact, Paul and Barnabas had so much to offer in ministry that God himself separated them at one point, to preach to two different areas at the same time. Barnabas was happy to be sharing his faith, not only was he happy but he threw himself into it. He jumped head-first into the pool. He went to foreign cities with no doubt of what God would do through him to the non-believers.  At one point, I presume Paul had taken a break from his travels and returned to Tarsus. It was during this break, that Barnabas went over and brought Paul back with him to where he had been speaking to involve him there. He brought his friends along for the ride whenever possible. Barnabas shared his faith with the masses, while involving his friends in his ministry and helping to ensure that he was providing them with support wherever needed. Barnabas may not have been the most intelligent or gifted ministry worker, but he had one thing really working for him. He provided people with a sense of authenticity. He carried himself in a way that showed everyone he was a genuine man of faith, who truly wanted to share that faith with all who would listen.

4.) Barnabas was a spiritual man.

Luke wrote that Barnabas was “full of the Holy Spirit”. The purpose of the Holy Spirit, may I remind you, is NOT that we feel good and empowered at the end of services. The purpose of the Holy Spirit is NOT that everyone who believes in Jesus walk around speaking tongues, etc. It is to lead. To be a helper, as Jesus said. The Holy Spirit is an extension of God that lives inside us, and leads us in the direction that God is wanting for our lives. Barnabas was “full” of the Holy Spirit. It was evident in his everyday life.

In conclusion, the one solid concrete thing that we know about Barnabas, is that he was a good man. I can tell you personally that I agree with an old pastor when he said “I had rather my son (in my case Christian) would be able to say that I was a good man when he stands by my grave, sunken and grass-grown, than to say anything else in all the world”.

God bless, and go be good!



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