A matter of trust.

Haida gold box - Bill Reid

Image by 2sirius via Flickr

God gave me two boxes, one was black and the other was gold. He instructed me to place all my sorrows in the black box and all my joys in the gold box. So I did, I placed all my sorrows in the black and all my joys in the gold. As time went on, I noticed the gold box was getting heavy. I decided to check the black box, it was much lighter. That’s weird, so I opened the black box and to my surprise it was empty! As I was looking in the box, I noticed a hole in the corner. I wondered, where did all my sorrows go? I showed God and mused , where could all my sorrows be? He smiled gently at me and said,”My child they are here with me.” I thought further on this & asked another question. Why did you give me these two boxes? He responded,”My child, the gold is so you can count your blessings and the black is so that you let go of your sorrows.”
I want to thank my friend for sending me the above story, it really came in a time of need. I believe the point of this story is that we truly give God our sorrows. We make that black box a part of our walk with God. So many times we hold on to the past, instead of looking to the future God has for us. When we hold on to the past, it hurts us even more. Anger, jealousy, sorrow, and all the many hurts we have in life, tend to make us bitter and depressed. God gave us the Bible to tell us how to live. If you read it, He shows us how to deal with all this stuff, in such a way , that we get past it and even prosper because of it. We need to remember that God will make all our wrongs right, if we let Him handle it. Instead we sweep it under the rug or even worse than that
we try to fix it in our own strength, the worlds way. Which usually turns out bad and definitely not to our good.
“God will fight for you and you will hold your peace” Exo. 14:14

God is so good that if you trust him, he  gives you peace. This is so true! God gave me this word to stand on when I felt ill-equipped to fulfil the purpose he had for me. He led me to the tools I needed or sent someone else to fight for me. He also made right my wrongs and used them to help other people. When I listened or followed, there was such a peace. I kept my focus on the purpose God had for me, and the wrongs were made right. My issues were dealt with and I was able to go onto the future. Was it easy? No! Was it worth it? Most definitely, Yes!
“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” Matt.6:33
Look for the purpose that God has for you and he will work all of your issues out. Letting go, means trusting that God has you and if you fall, he will be there to lift you up. He will never leave you, nor forsake you. Trust him, It is just a matter of trust.

God bless you all,



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3 Responses to “A matter of trust.”

  1. Joseph Story Says:

    What an awesome reminder of the Power of our God!!!! Amen and Amen!!


  2. susan Says:

    how inspiring!

  3. hope Says:

    Thank u all,God Bless You All, if u need prayer or spiritual counseling here is our email:

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