Can you walk on water?

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When you read Matthew chapter 14 you will notice that it’s a three-part piece.  It starts with the death of John the Baptist, goes into the time Jesus fed 5,000 people, and finally it tells of Jesus walking on water. Today I want to talk to you about the last of the three sections. When people think about the walking on water part of Jesus’ life they think of Peter walking on the water with Jesus, or the miracle of anyone walking on water to begin with. I’m not blasting any Pastors who preach on Peter having a lack of faith being the reason he began to sink, but in my study I have come to believe that Peter simply slipped in his faith just like each and every one of us do. We all have a time or many times in our lives where we have a problem trusting God don’t we? Ever been late on the mortgage, a car payment, been called into the boss’ office at work unjustly, or been left by a boyfriend or girlfriend for that matter? I know that most of our faith questioning moments come when a loved one dies.

When we put the entire story together, reading Mark and Matthew’s respective writings together, we learn that Jesus sends out his disciples, to heal the sick on their own. When they returned they behaved as if they had done all the good deeds on their own, and even had the nerve to act as if they were teaching Jesus instead of the other way around. So after feeding the multitude, Jesus tells them to take the boat back and he would catch up later. Tons have asked the question “Why would Jesus tell them to do this in the first place?”. The answer is simple, to humble them and remind them that they could do nothing without him. While some preachers call what happened to Peter when he began sinking a lack of faith, I want to remind you how BIG of a leap of faith it was to even step out of the boat. So often Christians are called to prove their faith but are simply too afraid to “step out of the boat”. Jesus creates a storm to go to them during this travel, then begins heading their way on the waves. At first the disciples believe Jesus is a ghost and are afraid. Once he gets closer Peter recognizes him. Peter asks Jesus “Lord if it is really you, tell me and I will come out to you on the water”.

Put yourself in the shoes of the other disciples, would you not have thought Peter was crazy? I mean really, we are talking about a first century boat to begin with, just a few planks of wood separating them all from the turbulent sea during a terrible storm! These men are exhausted from travelling, and terrified of this ghost on the waters. I can imagine Thomas saying “Peter you’re nuts! Sit back down” or Matthew saying “I’m seriously not jumping in this crap to save you”. Or would you not have taken a step further, and maybe even tried grabbing his robe to pull him back into his seat?  This reminds me of the woman who risked it all just to touch Jesus’ robe and be healed, knowing that women had no place in those days doing what she did, as a friend would you have not tried to stop her? Back to Peter, when he recognized Jesus, and Jesus spoke just one word to him: COME. That one word was all Jesus needed to say to inspire a simple first century fisherman to step out of the boat and use the waves as carpet! We then see the part about Peter noticing a heavy wind coming, being afraid, and beginning to sink because although he had faith, he was questioning the limits of the power of his faith in Jesus.

At the last second Peter cries out in prayer to Jesus, “SAVE ME”, and Jesus did. The next part here is from one of my study books and I want to you read closely:

A saintly old friend of mind told me on one occasion about praying for his child. And he said he got the assurance from God that his baby was going to recover. She was suffering from membranous croup. That very night he was awakened by the mother and the nurse. And he heard the mother say to the nurse “Is she dead?” And he turned and went back to sleep with never a question and never a doubt. He refused to look at the wind and waves of his storm.

Today, I am asking you if you could do that? Could you take that first step out of the boat, could you, like the man with the sick daughter trust in God to simply roll back over and go to bed? Or, are you like many Christians today that get too caught up in the details of what the storm is doing? Casting Crowns sings about praising God in the middle of a storm, great song. When everyone said my wife was dying, I took late night walks once the hospital had closed humming along and crying along to this song. But I knew in my heart, it was not the end. Today, no matter where you are in your storm, I pray that when you receive direction from God to take that first step toward him, that you will do just what Peter did. Even though you might question your faith in the process at some point, and have to ask to be saved from yourself. Even when it all comes crashing down around you. Can you, and will you show your faith like a medal of honor in the middle of the storm. I pray so.

God bless,



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