God’s Road Rage

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Driving to the office today, I caught myself in a little bit of road rage. I was driving my usual five to ten miles per hour over the speed limit on Interstate 75 North trying to work my way to Interstate 675 North, for those in the Atlanta area. I found myself weaving in and out of traffic, common for me when most motorists during this time of day tend to drive the speed limit, or five miles per hour under it. I was mumbling something about people getting out of my way, as I made an obstacle course out of the other vehicles. Once I reached the Highway 42 exit and turned toward Moreland Avenue, I found myself weaving in and out of forty five mile per hour traffic, and dodging those wonderful potholes than everyone around here dreads. Finally approaching a school zone, I even caught myself breathing a sigh of relief that the school zone light was not flashing, therefore I did not have to slow down. I turned into the driveway at work like a flash of lightning, turning mere seconds into the driveway in front of an on-coming vehicle. Then I slid into the parking space, most convenient for me and that was that. After getting in the office and getting the day started I began to think about how I could have justified a ticket for any of my driving, and after convincing myself that I could do just that, that’s when it hit me!

How often does God aim us in a direction he wants us to go, and we find all sorts of reasons to put other things in the way to avoid having to do it? My commute this afternoon was a parallel of my faith life. God aims me in the direction he wanted me to go in, then I inserted obstacles in his way, as he dodged every one, every time. Even when I tried putting speed restrictions in special zones, to restrict his will, he made the lights stop flashing all the way until his will was completed and he got me to the finish line of whatever the particular plan he had for me at that time. To a human mind, some of his methods in my life could have been reckless, even putting me in danger (career, family, friends, etc). But in the end, just like the traffic I bullied (not excusing my driving here folks, just making a point) into doing what I wanted them to do. To a believer, God’s will may sometimes feel like being bullied or pushed, but rest assured that once you submit to his will you will reach the destination, and in the end, it will be a destination that HE wants for you, and YOU will even want for yourself.

John 15:10 (para) When you follow and obey me, you find and remain in my love..

Stay blessed,



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2 Responses to “God’s Road Rage”

  1. Joseph Story Says:

    What an amazing to teach about God’s Plans for us. As usual you did an excellent job putting it in simple terms so that all of us can understand it.


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