Needle in the haystack

Traditional hay from Romania

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     We have all heard the expression “It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. In 16th century France, the expression was in its early stages of use and the word haystack was then, bottle. In those days a bottle was a unit of measurement used to describe a bale/bundle of anything, in this case, a bale of hay. Since then, the expression has been used to describe a pointless, or impossible search. After I learned this I started thinking about secular religions and ideologies. This is not meant to offend, just my take on them. Part of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and also, the Mormon belief systems is that they have to earn their way to Heaven. Their commitment to their version of Christ, involves doing a set amount of things which earn them the right to go to Heaven and be with God once they perish. A life-long search, if you will.

     I don’t consider my faith to be a “religion”, neither do I consider myself personally affiliated with any denomination. I simple live by faith in Christ, and have been saved by grace. The above two religions, have much in common, even though they are still extremely different, but in their pursuit of completing tasks, in their search for a way to Heaven, they neglect one crucial part of scripture, given to us from the apostle Paul. Ephesians 2:8-9 It is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9 not by works, so that no one can boast. I do not personally have enough experience with either religion to presume that boasting takes place, but to assume you have done enough human acts, to guarantee your own salvation seems to take away from the whole concept of salvation, and imply that a mere created human being can be so divine that they can grant themselves salvation.

     Jesus himself said “No man comes to the Father in Heaven, but through me”. The very Son of God, God himself, the spotless lamb that was slain for our salvation was very clear in his meaning here. He is the only way to Heaven, you must accept him, walk with him, love him, acknowledge who he is, and live like him to make it to Heaven. Nowhere in there does it say we have to work our way into Heaven, and nowhere in there does it say that you have to continuously search for paths to God.

     I want to close today, with expressing how blessed I feel, that finding Jesus, was no “needle in a haystack” search. He was and is at everyone’s heart’s door knocking and we simply have to open that door to him. Let the King of Glory reside in your heart and let yourself be led by his Spirit. Once you have, the works will follow, but not for our sakes, but for the salvation of God’s people who have yet to find him, yet to realize that he is just outside the door waiting on them with outstretched and ever-loving arms.

     If you are one of the lost lambs searching for your home, warm and safe with the flock that belongs to the Master Shepherd. I have outlined how to find true salvation in Christ Jesus, and you can see that simple outline by clicking HERE.

     If you did this, or have already before, then welcome to the family. Many of the people who read this may think they have already, or it could be something you did as a child. I would urge, that if you are at all uncertain about whether or not you have made this transaction with Jesus then I pray you would do so, and soon.

Stay blessed,



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