Standing in the storm

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A missionary from my home town left for Mexico some time ago. Her name is Amy Mussell, and is from Liberty Baptist Church, where my friend David attends. He (with the rest of the church) recently got some inspirational words from Amy and he shared them with me. I knew that my readers could benefit from her writings so after requesting and receiving permission….Here it is:

“In a recent Bible club, I shared the story of Peter walking on the water with Jesus. Throughout the story they listened closely, their eyes growing big as they contemplated the ferocious storm, laughing when they thought about the tough fisherman screaming for fear of a ghost, breathing sighs of relief when Peter stepped out in the storm and didn’t drown, and looking disappointed when he did start to sink. What I remember most though, was their faith that everything was going to end well. When Peter cried out in fear, they sat there with quiet smiles. When Christ reached down and pulled him to safety, they nodded knowingly. When everyone was back safely in the boat and the storm was gone they had proud looks on their faces. To them, there was never a question of “What’s going to happen?” There was only the realization, “Jesus can make everything alright”.

“Right now here in Mexico, there is a major drug war. Over 35,000 people have been killed in this war; police officers, soldiers, cartel members, and innocent civilians alike. If ever there was a storm in Mexico, this is it. It is easy to look at the scary circumstances around us, easy to view the storm and her effects, easy to get distracted by the howling winds and driving rains. It is much harder to have such a faith as the kids in my class, to sit back with a knowing smile and peaceful heart thinking ‘It’s okay, Jesus can make everything alright”.

“A building we rent for one of our Bible clubs has now been vandalized and robbed several times. Each time, the kids are extremely sad to see the damage. Each time, they simply grab a broom and start sweeping, pick up the pieces of broken glass, and set things right. The last time this happened, we knelt on the sidewalk outside and asked God to intervene. A little boy named Kevin prayed earnestly, ‘God you know that someone keeps robbing us and you know it makes us really sad. So just please don’t let this happen anymore!’. We finished praying and Kevin and the other kids went home happy and convinced our building was now safe. I, on the other hand went home fuming about the robbery and convinced more damage would occur before I could replace the busted window. Such faith, huh?”

“In the end, Kevin and the kids knew better. Our little club hasn’t been robbed since!”

“The faith of these precious kids continues to teach me that it doesn’t matter how scary the situation, how high the waves, how dark the night, how loud the storm, or how hard the rain is falling.”

Drug war? Shootouts? Vandalism and robberies?”

“No problem.”

“I need only keep my eyes focused on Jesus and remember one thing with child like faith. It’s okay. Jesus can make everything alright.”

In the event she is reading, I want to thank Amy Mussell for all that she is doing for the cause of Christ on behalf of myself, my co-ministry workers, and the roughly 2,500 of you awesome readers. If ever a noble cause there was, hers is one. God bless you Amy.

Stay blessed everyone,


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2 Responses to “Standing in the storm”

  1. Joseph Story Says:

    What an awesome reminder!!! Jesus is always there to make everything all right!!!


  2. Amy Mussell Says:

    Thanks so much for your kind words! I am glad the Lord was able to use this to encourage people. We serve a mighty God who is able to do more than we could ever ask or think, but sometimes we just need that reminder that He is in charge and can make everything alright. Thanks for sharing this with others- I believe God does everything for a reason, so maybe there is one of your readers that just needed this reminder. Take care and God bless!!!

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