God Reveals Himself

Let God Be Your Light In Your Tunnel

Have you ever had problems in your life that you just simply could not see how God could let you go through them? Well, have you ever thought that maybe just maybe, sometimes Jesus puts things in our lives to build us up? What about the thought that maybe he puts these in our lives to reveal himself to us? To show you His grace first hand.
God really put me through the ringer last year. I could not be more grateful either. I turned away from my family, my friends, my church, and most importantly, God himself. I completely ceased being charitable, stopped serving, put everything on the shelf that I was involved in. I lied to people, lots of people. I started heading down a dark road that didn’t at all feel like “me”. I know what triggered everything. And I have put that particular grief behind me, as has my wife. Sometimes when we are going through the worst storms of our lives, we don’t want to see God in the middle. But once you find yourself in the eye of the storm, you feel the peace in the center. That peace is God, showing his grace in abundance even when it doesn’t feel like it. Like the Allstate insurance commercial says, “that light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t have to be an oncoming train“. They could not be more RIGHT! That light doesn’t have to be a train, but if you calm yourself, breathe deep, and actually look around, you will see that it is not a light at all, it is God, in his own way, showing you Himself.
God Bless


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One Response to “God Reveals Himself”

  1. pinkloverninja Says:

    That is so true, even in the stormiest situation, if you close you seek with your spiritual eyes, you are able to see Him with you, to feel is love and mercy surrender you. Because through it all He is there reaching His hands out to you. Always!!!

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