Saved By Grace

Presuming that everyone has read the story in the Bible about Mary and Joseph “losing” Jesus in Jerusalem only to find him ministering at the church in the middle of town, I feel compelled to bring something up with you today. I have recently come to the conclusion that even though I am doing the best that I can to remain faithful to what God is calling me to do sometimes I can neglect the important things. Before I start, I want to share what exactly I mean by remaining faithful in my callings. On Sundays I practice choir at 7:30 AM after waking up an hour earlier regardless of what time I actually made it to bed. From that time on, I am at the best church on the planet until after lunchtime singing in three straight services. The rest of the week I am doing my absolute best to come up with things to write about for Inspired Ministries blog page, which you are reading now, and I am thankful for you. Doing my best to minister for Christ to the 1800 readers on the 4 continents that God has blessed me with. On Mondays I receive an email with all of the weeks services collective prayer requests and praise reports which I pray over personally and confidentially. To top it off, I have recently began a new ministry, which is somewhat of an extension of Inspired Ministries titled WLYU ( with two of my new best friends. WLYU is a completely different prayer ministry available to anyone, at any time of day or night. Those seeking prayer send in emails on their own, or via one of us, and those things are lifting up to Jesus day in and day out. We have been quite blessed thus far with results from our Heavenly Father. Everything from ICU releases to Immigrational Issues. I work for my company’s corporate office full time, and then some on some days. I am raising my five month old, who is the greatest little boy I could have ever prayed for. I do my best to be the husband, father, and family man to a group of the greatest, and sometimes strangest, people alive. I do my best (which is not nearly enough) to stay in contact with my closest friends outside of my church family. And I must say, don’t get nearly enough sleep between four ministries, a career, and being a family man to boot. Now, I said all of that to say this, and get back to the matter at hand. Mary and Joseph were the earthly parents of GOD HIMSELF, in human form via Jesus Christ. And EVEN they got too wrapped up in whatever they were doing to realize that he had not been with their caravan. We all try our best to stay as busy as we possibly can, and never really give our savior the attention he deserves. As I pray today for myself in this department, I pray for you too, and ask you do the same.

Don’t get too down on yourself because of this, even his own parents neglected him. But we need him more than they knew at that time they did. We need him for our very souls to reach Heaven and find our reward there. I pray you take this matter seriously today.

Stay Blessed



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2 Responses to “Neglect”

  1. Joseph Story Says:

    Thank you for such an awesome job of posting. You do have a Gift from God that you use well. I will be praying everyday for everyone.

  2. susan Says:

    Thanks Chris for doing a great job. I had requested for prayer and you replied that you would pray over it. I’m sure that very soon, I will be writing in to tell you some good news.
    May God Bless You!

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