Bickering with the Boss

Jesus and Saint Peter, Gospel of Matthew 4.18-20

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Have you ever argued with your boss? What about your wife or husband? Of course you have. Who hasn’t?

A bigger question is this: Have you ever argued with God?

Peter did. You see, Jesus first sermon was from a boat. Peter’s boat to be exact. Peter was in the fishing business and business had been pretty crummy. After fishing all night, and presumably all week or even all month with little to no results, Jesus sent them out and told them to drop their nets but Peter looked and Jesus as if he was crazy. He did not want to do it because it would be a waste of his time. Boy was he wrong, there were so many fish jumping in those nets and even on the boat itself that another boat had to assist in bringing in the catch.

It is funny how we always think we know the answers, and to get a better feel for this particular post I would advise you read Luke-5.

The point is simple. Don’t question your “Heavenly Boss”. He already knows the outcome! How can your words against his wished possibly bear fruit? He has known you since the very dawn of time. How can you possibly win that argument?

Be blessed, and please read Luke 5 =)



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