Explaining the Trinity

Holy Trinity by Fridolin Leiber (1853–1912)

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I don’t remember my dreams very often. I even more rarely claim God sent me a message in my dream. But last night (Sunday night) I had a dream of a young brown-haired girl with freckles that looked like someone from my childhood but wasn’t asking me to explain the trinity. She gave a vibe that indicated she already knew about it but wanted me to explain it. So I did. And I am again here, because I feel it is something I am supposed to do. To explain the concept of a Triune God we can refer to one simple verse from the apostle Paul. 2 Corinthians 13:14 broken down as follows

‘The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all’

~~The grace, is the Lord Himself as the life to us for our enjoyment, the love is God Himself as the source of the grace, & the fellowship of the Spirit is  God Himself as the transmission of that grace plue the love of God for our participation. NOT 3 separate matters but 3 aspects of ONE divine unit.

~~It’s evident that the divine revelation of the Triune God in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is not for theological study only but even more so for us to learn how God in His mysterious and marvelous trinity dispenses Himself into His chosen people, and that we as His chosen and redeemed people may (as indicated in the apostle Paul’s blessing to the Corinthians) participate in, experience, enjoy, and possess the processed Triune God now and forever.
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God Bless



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