Be Inspired in 2011

Signature of Benjamin Franklin.

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Quick note before I start, there is an old expression that I have heard many people use to excuse the fact that they need space in their relationships: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. I would like to correct and to that courtesy of Benjamin Franklin who said: “Absence sharpens love but being present strengthens it”. It is hardly effective to walk away from a problem and expect it to be fixed, you might as well put a band-aid on a gaping wound.

We all are looking to this new year for a fresh start. Be it financial, relational, professional, etc. Just keep in mind that “Nothing is impossible with God(LUKE1)”. The God I serve, and I hope you do, will meet all of your needs. It is right there in the Word, in Philippians Chapter 4. Those of us who were at SCC on 1/2 learned, or were reminded that we serve a Heavenly Father who is caring, close to us, dependable, & capable.(Pastor Ricky Mosel) In Romans 8 we read that NOTHING can separate YOU from GOD’S love. So regardless of what troubles may come just know that he is ever-present and in control if you will but allow him to be.

“God is our refuge & strength(PS46)”

***Before I close, I wanted to tell you about a great event for charity that you can participate in.  In the same spirit of the march of dimes and many cancer walks, CCFA, Crohn’s and Colitis Foudation of America is having  “Take Steps for Crohn’s & Colitis” at Centennial Olympic Park on Sunday, May 15 at 4pm. A very good friend of mine is getting together a team for the walk, it will also mark the one year anniversary of her particular diagnosis. This will prove to be a very inspiring event and with your help & God’s, these steps can be taken to find ways to prevent and cure. If you cannot make the walk but would still like to attend, out of the 800 of you I know you guys can make an impact, go to CCFA’s site and donate. You can make a major difference.***

Have a blessed day,



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