Do you treat prayer like a spare tire?

Flat tire.

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I read an email today about people’s various outlooks on prayer. It seems that most of us view prayer as a “spare tire” that we pull out of the trunk only when we need it. The email said that prayer should be viewed as a “steering wheel“, I disagree with this. I believe prayer should be used more as a “GPS System”. If you make prayer a part of your daily lives (as I try to…) then it becomes something different than just asking for help for you or others. It becomes a bond. A personal connection between you and God. I am a firm believer in speaking to God as if you were speaking to your best friend, or even more so, your mentor. You show respect but it is very important that you do not look at God as some “far away” being that watches you from a distant. God is right there with you when you pray. For that matter, God is right there with you when you crank your car, clock in at work, or take a breath of air. He is in all things. Hopefully in your heart. So in praying more, you begin to see a direction for your life as opposed to only using it when you need something. Who are you going to let guide your drive? You, who have no idea what is around the next turn, or God (via prayer), who created the next turn itself???

In closing I have two things:

1)”The prayer of the righteous, is powerful and effective” (James 5:16)

2)Never forget that your windeshield is large and your rear-view mirror is small. Take from this that your PAST is not as important as our FUTURE. Look Ahead and Move on. (I added this because I liked it, and because it, like the beginning of this blog is a car analogy)

God Bless


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