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Judas Iscariot

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We now have a readership of about 750 and a range from Ga and the entire east coast all the way to California as of this morning. Google and other search engines are referring people to the page and pastors who I adore are taking notice as well and complimenting the page and its contents. For this, as always I thank you all very much. I have also recently made the front page of WP to boot. I truly hope you the reader comment with some feedback on the following post so without further adue…………..

When you read the following post, I will warn you that some of the words I say may offend and even possibly anger you to the point that you may not read anymore or even speak to me for that matter. With that being said, I have been doing a ton of thinking on things that we do not have true answers for.

We have all been taught in church that suicide is an immediate condemnation to Hell because you cannot ask forgiveness once you are dead. That would make it an unforgivable sin. There is an exception that the Bible speaks of by saying that a man who would give his life for a friend is a hero and a great man. Here is the question I pose. Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus. Jesus always knew that he would do this. God planned it all this way. Wouldn’t this imply that Judas was not allowed to use his free will in all of this and instead he was used as a teaching tool by God for mankind? If so, would he be in Heaven? And if so, will we one day meet him there? One thing is for certain, Jesus was on a mission, and God had already planned the entire thing right? Or did God send Jesus, and allow him to make his own path up until the point of the cross? Was the cross a choice that Jesus made personally, or was it part of the original plan of his death? These are all questions that I cannot wait to find answers to once I am up there. Any discussions on this would be WELCOMED in the comments section below as anyone else’s input on any of the posed questions you just read would be appreciated.

God Bless



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