Pastors that let you down

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Demas was a strong Christian man in the beginning. So much so, that the Apostle Paul took him along during the early days of his spreading Christianity throughout the world. He was even in jail with Paul the first time. Paul first met him in his home town of Thessalonica. However, in Paul’s darkest hour, sadly, Demas abandoned his friend and mentor because “he loved the ways of the world so much”. He may have been afraid to continue being that half the civilized world was out to see the death of Paul and anyone who followed him. There are two kinds of post-Christians. Those who leave the faith, and then live to ridicule it every chance they get. And those who quietly pursue interests of self instead of interests of God. We have no way of knowing which one he would end up being. We also would love to believe that some time later in his life, Demas returned to the faith which had brought him so far as a man. Sadly, the Bible is filled with stories of men that fell from grace to eventually return to God. We never hear about this of Demas therefore we are forced to believe that he was left out on purpose because he did not.

Simple point here friends, churchgoers come and go. Some stay. Some are only there for a brief period until God helps them back on their feet and then they go back to their old ways believing that everything is alright. Then there are those, just like Demas, who come into your church family, and leave a major impact on many lives only to fall from grace, and disappoint them all in the end by turning back to their old ways. I had this happen with one of my mentors earlier in life. I was a teenager and my youth leader was the coolest guy, he inspired dozens of youth to change from the ways of the world. He gave sermons on Sunday nights for the main church that were so powerful they could have set the very pews we sat on aflame. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he changed overnight and let everyone down doing things that nobody saw coming and leaving us all feeling abandoned. I have no desire to get personal or offend any of you guys, but I believe God had a plan. A much larger plan. Someone very close to him was left behind to carry the torch of our youth group. That person is now one of the greatest pastors I have ever had the literal priveledge of learning from and someone I view to be a mentor to me.  A friend. An absolutely amazing leader in the Faith. To my knowledge my original youth leader never took back up the torch of ministry. It is sad indeed, God works in very strange ways. Truthfully though, I realize that God had his hand in it all along and now, that amazing pastor is happier than I believe I have ever seen them and stronger than ever through Christ.

Food for thought, God Bless



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One Response to “Pastors that let you down”

  1. Uncle Brian Says:

    I never realized the impact that had on you Chris. It is so good to see what God is doing in you today. We move through life and it seems to try to stop us at every turn. Thank God we can make it through even when others let us down. We truly can never get our eyes on man, no matter how great their impact may be.

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