Jesus goes to court

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Anyone who has ever read the gospels of Jesus Christ (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) knows of Pontius Pilate. He was the governor of Jerusalem who sentenced Jesus to crucifixion. History has painted him in a very raw and angry light. In truth, governors of conquered provinces were nothing more than procurators, or figure heads put in place to do Caesar’s bidding from afar. They were generally powerless and forced to enforce Roman laws. Ancient Roman officials were not only law enforcers, they held the law dear to them as if it were a religion in itself. The local Jews had already gone to Caesar to complain about him in the past and almost got him kicked out of office for his brutality towards them in enforcing those laws. He did everything he could to release Jesus out of spite for the Jews. His wife even had a nightmare of it and pleaded with im to not execute this innocent man. He knew Jesus was innocent. He knew that if he allowed Jesus to die on the cross an innocent man’s blood would be on his hands.
His last effort to convince them that Jesus did not need to be crucified was to have Jesus beaten nearly to death with a cat-of-nine-tails. This weapon was not just a whip. It was a whip with sharp fish bones and broken glass in the tips of it. Many people throughout history died before the beating was over it was so lethal. He carried a battered and beaten Jesus, within inches of death already, in front of the crowd to ask them if this was not enough, yet like dogs who smelled blood, they still wanted more. Finally he made a show of washing his hands in front of them and said that this innocent man’s blood would forever be on their hands. The hands of the Jews. Pressure in the work place can be a dangerous thing for one’s soul and the real tragedy that happened in the palace that day was not the pain that our Master endured, it was the loss of the soul of Pontius Pilate. He could have waived his position and stepped away like his wife wanted, instead he did what he thought he had to in order to keep his little bit of power. As we know, God planned all of this before it happened and I believe he used Pilate to show us all exactly what evils can come from succumbing to peer pressure, in or out of the workplace or family setting.

God Bless



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