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If you read about Jesus to the extent that I have lately, you notice something that for whatever reason, every pastor seems to neglect mentioning. Our savior was indeed a baby that was born in a manger and visited by magi. Our savior was also a thirty something year old man when he began his ministry. One instance that comes to mind of his childhood is when his family could not find him in the city on their way home and found him teaching the priests at the temple in Jerusalem. But have you ever noticed that not long after the birth of Christ, you stop hearing anything about Joseph, his earthly father. This has forced historians to assume he died at a fairly young age or during the massive gap that is left in the gospels of his youth. There is a school of thought that years were counted much differently back then. And that Jesus was actually in his very early twenties during his ministry, maybe even twenty years old when he died on the cross. Either way, Jesus was many things to many people, and in a large family with multiple brothers and sisters of which he was the oldest, he was also a TEENAGER. We learn in the Bible that he was very familiar with the Old Testament, as well as a skilled carpenter. But other than that we must assume he had no formal education. In those days, your education was your trade. You worked as an apprentice under (usually) your father. We also hear a little about his workshop being near their home. So just imagine, being a child, or a mother, and coming home from gathering water at the river or getting fresh crops and meat from the market to walk into your house, put down the things you brought home and walk across the yard to the workshop to find your big brother (and possibly the father figure if Joseph indeed passed away that early on) or your son sawing logs to make a table he got an order for from a neighbor. Or carving a seat of some sort, or a bed. And seeing the smile on his face happy to see you, wiping the sweat from his brow, cleaning his hands and giving you a hug while asking how your day was. Then imagine the time in your life where the realization hit you that you had lived with the Son of God, the Savior of the world, all humanity would one day depend on Him? While I understand the need to deify Jesus in order to teach messages, we must also remember. That as the oldest son, of a single mother, with a very large family to feed. During this recession, keep in mind that even your Heavenly Father once struggled and did back breaking work to feed his family at one time. He went through similar if not worse situations financially than you are. But he stayed faithful to God, and all was provided for at the end of the day. While I love the God-like version of Jesus we learn so much about, I believe it is also important to keep in mind that he was a human just like us and still made the great sacrifice for all of us.



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