Burying Jesus

Joseph asked for the body of Christ from Pilate

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“Faith is the evidence, of things unseen”. That quote has been seen throughout the ages. I was reminded of it when I was reading a few moments ago in study. When you think about it, there are tons of things that are real and present, that you cannot see. When you walk by an old home you can’t immediately see the termites, but you can see the termite damage that has rendered the home nearly condemned. You can’t see the wind (my favorite example), but you can see the effects of the wind. We cannot see God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, but if you have been blessed as I have, you have been able to feel them all at some point. One of mine was simple, my new truck got keyed, and a few weeks later we were struggling with finances and we received an unexpected check from our insurance company for the depreciation that nearly solved all of our problems. Coincidence, or the result of prayer? Things we can’t see that make big impacts in our lives are not always abundant, but when they come through you can feel it easily. Nicodemus stepped out on faith, and left the Priests he had been associated with while secretly being a Christian follower of Jesus. But someone went even further out on the limb. Joseph of Arimathea was a wealthy man who was quite possibly a member of the group who killed Christ as well. This is not known for a fact. We do know that he had recently moved to the area as his tomb was called “new”. After seeing Christ be killed, he decided that he did not care what happened to him, he would not hide his Christianity any longer to preserve his social standing. He went to Pontius Pilate to beg for Jesus’ body to place in his very own tomb. This could have caused him to be stoned or outcast but he did not care. He made the major decision to risk everything he had, would have, and had worked so hard for to show his faith and do the right thing for his Savior. I encourage you today, to try to be more like Joseph or Arimathea when it comes to standing up for your faith and beliefs. I will do my best to do the very same. It is my prayer that you and I both can do this. Nobody saw Joseph coming, he was hidden, until (like Jesus) it was his time to step into the light and be seen. In closing, I have spoken much about the things we cannot see and coincidence. Do you believe it was simply a mere coincidence that it was a man named Joseph who cared for Christ during His birth, and yet again a man named Joseph who cared for him again at His death?



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