The Devil made me do it

The Distribution of Alms and Death of Ananias.

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Married Couple Caught Lying

Just after Jesus‘ resurrection, the Apostles were beginning the church. Now, anyone is smart enough to know that building a church takes money. The members of the original church were donating, and selling things in order to have money to donate to fund Jesus’ first church. A particular couple Ananias & Sapphira sold a field that they owned. They intended to give all of the money to Simon Peter for the church. On the way to the church, Ananias was tempted by Satan about keeping the money. He knew that he would lose face amongst his peers who knew he sold the field if he donated nothing. Ashamed of allowing Satan to influence him, he made a plan and told his wife Sapphira to go along with it. He went to the church and donated a portion of the money. There was no wrong in this. Where he went wrong was professing to God in front of the Apostle’s that he was giving all of it. God struck him dead for lying to Him directly. God later would strike down his wife for confirming that it was all of the money, as they had planned on lying about. The lessons here are simple:

1-God was, through the Apostle’s building a brand new faith. A brand new church. The lie was not told to their peers but to God himself. What kind of brand new faith would it be if God were to allow members of His church to lie, openly, to him. The could have donated some of it and been honest, and been just fine. Honesty is extremely important to God, especially when it is with Him personally.

2-We learn the reality of the power of Satan. This man and woman sold their land to give all of the money to God’s church. On the very way to the church Satan was able to influence Ananias to do his will instead of the very God whom they sold it for to begin with. It was that easy for evil to creep into the mind of a faithful servant of God.

3-We finally learn that a divided service is not possible. Jesus said “No man can serve two masters”. You cannot allow your ego, the thoughts and views of others to dictate how and when you serve God. You were made to serve him, NOT yourself or anyone else for that matter.

In closing, my prayer for you today is that you will be more in tune with God, and not yourself. That maybe you will think more about worshipping him on Sunday morning than you think about partying all night on Saturday and sleeping it off the next day as I have done countless times in the past. I won’t be viewed as a hypocrite. I am just as guilty of a jaded past as anyone else.

God Bless



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One Response to “The Devil made me do it”

  1. Renaldo Willoby Says:

    Thanks for this post. I already agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my father so possibly will this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

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