The Wrong Crowd


Jewish King and soldiers in ancient Judah.
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I want to start by thanking you for reading. I am greatful for being around the 630 readers mark as of this morning. Also a big thank you for whoever has been posting links to different articles on here on the Christian home mortgage forums. As of this morning also, Google has recognized the sites traffic and is now sending readers this way, too cool. Thank you all again and Happy New Year to you and your family***


The Lessons of King Ahaziah:

Ever fallen in with the wrong crowd? We all have, or at the very least know someone who has. Do not feel down about it, you keep the company of kings. Nearly 3,000 years ago, King Ahaziah of Judah was born to Queen Jezebel. Most of us have heard her name used modernly to describe a mean or evil woman. And so she was. Ahaziah was born during a time of co-family rule in Israel and Judah. While his kingdom of Judah was not as bad as Israel, it was on the brink of being just as idolotrous. Scripture says that he was not a bad man, but once he denied the word of God which told him not to visit his uncle, the king of Israel, and visited anyway he met his demise. While doing the evil things of his uncle and his people a warrior “raised up by God just for this purpose” came in and killed the entire entourage unsparingly. This is a quick way to sum up his life and the Bible barely even mentions him but it does use him as a brief example of the worst thing that can happen if we deny Christ for the ways of the world.

God Bless



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