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I would like to start by asking you, (who I am grateful for taking this time to read my thoughts) a simple question. If God Himself, sent an angel to you, to tell you that the $50,000 you just spent on a new car was not his will, and that he would rather you lose that money than disobey him in order to allow him to bless you the way he would like…would you allow the dealership to keep that car….even after your check cleared? I am not entirely certain that I could. It is something that I must pray about and work through in my own life. But their is a story behind that question. You see, in the Old Testament, during the time that Israel had turned to idol worship and Judah was still somewhat worshipping the one true God there was a king. King Amaziah of Judah was facing the greatest war of his time and needed help. He turned to Israel’s king for help. He paid him a large sum of money for the use of his army during this war. Not a week after arriving in Judah, the idol worshipping soldiers showed up drunk, smelly, and not looking much good for anything. After they arrived, a priest showed up to speak with Amaziah. He told him that God wanted him to send those soldiers who were ruining the place back home and take the loss of the money he had paid for them, and God would win the battle for him. After sweating over the money for a long time, he sent them home, and God won the battle for him. Can you imagine his fear? What would he have done if God had not intervened? Judah would have been burned to the ground. But denying himself wealth, in order to take up God’s calling saved his entire kingdom and would inspire later rulers as well to turn to God in their times of need as opposed to money. In closing I want to pose one more question to you. Keep in mind that the sacrifices we make to serve God, are not always money. It could just be time or missing a football or baseball game here and there. But my question is simple. The next time God calls you to make a self denying sacrifice to further your service in His name, can you? I plan in this new year to do my best to be able to and I hope and pray you (again my very appreciated reader) will as well.

God Bless you and your family in this new year.


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