Ben, Hugh, & Ed

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The story of Ben, Hugh, and Pastor Ed

There was once a guy named Ben. Ben was the  president of a foreign nation. His vice president was named Hugh. The presidential pastor was named Ed. This is their story.

Ben on a campaign early in his life asked Hugh to be his running mate. Hugh was a simple civil servant and truly believed in his friend Ben’s ability to lead their country out of poverty and bad investments. Very late in Ben’s life, he became very sick, and as an old man did not believe he would live through this sickness. About this time, Ben sent Hugh to see Pastor Ed for guidance because Pastor Ed was very close with God and could even make predictions of what would happen by praying for visions. Pastor Ed prayed and by the end of his prayer was crying. Hugh asked what was wrong and Ed replied: “Ben will die, but not from this sickness. You will take advantage of him over becoming power-hungry and murder him while he rests to become president”. Hugh did not believe any of this to be true, he did not believe he was capable of such a thing, but eventually it would become a historical fact that it happened. Hugh went against his God, and his pastor friend Ed and one night quietly murdered his mentor and long time friend Ben in his sleep.

I wrote that story to explain something very important in history. We are capable of terrible things when we let our ambition overshadow our faith in God. You see, Ben in this story was actually King Ben-Hadad III of Syria about 3,000 years ago. Hugh, our main character was actually Hazael (later known as King Hazael of Syria) and our Pastor Ed is actually the great prophet Elisha of Israel.

Most crimes are simply crimes of opportunity. Temptation, especially when shrouded in power and wealth is a great tool of the Devil to take us off the path that Christ has laid for our feet. Be mindful of those temptations as they are all around you, especially in the business world. Just take a look at CSPAN if you need a closer look at what too much power or ill ambition can do to you.

God Bless,



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