Cover of "Ticket to Heaven"

Cover of Ticket to Heaven

Have you ever had an opportunity to minister to someone about Jesus? Have you ever backed away from the situation because you were afraid of what they may think of you. This will be a brief writing, I studied Phillip the Evangelist today. After Stephen was stoned to death Phillip decided to flee to Samaria of all places to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ. On his way there a random messenger of the Ethiopian Queen in a chariot stopped beside him on the road, he had heard bits and pieces of Jesus work and they began talking. Scripture says immediately that Phillip began preaching the Word to the man and before it was over he had won a soul for Christ. The shining moment here is not that he saved this messenger’s soul, but that he showed no fear in witnessing. How many times have we been asked about our church or what we do at our church and backed down from the question by making some joke or changing the subject. Pastor Chesnee spoke once of this and though I can’t recall the exact sermon in its entirety, ever chance that I pass up my conscience eats at me the rest of the day reminding me of how inspired I was by her words on being brave in the face of fear when the call to witness comes. It is my prayer for you this week that you won’t back down, as I have in the past and you will be up front, honest, and sincere. After all, you never know who you may grant a ticket to Heaven for in doing so.

Imagine how proud Phillip would be.

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