Baby Dedication

Simeon the Righteous

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Simeon was a devout priest of the Jews. He received a message one night from an Angel that he would not die until he had given the 40th day blessing to the Messiah. History actually puts him about 200 years old during this part of the Book of Luke. Amazing longevity. In Catholicism he is a Saint and on February the 2nd Jesus’ “baby dedication” is celebrated in much of the world. I think I will do something special on this day in the new year as well. Sadly, my own son Christian has yet to be dedicated but it is on the immediate list of things to do in his life. Candlemas is the name of that holiday. I gave this brief history to tell you how important I believe dedication to be. You can google Simeon the Righteous and find tons of paintings depicting him blessing Jesus as well if you are curious. If any of you new parents are questioning the importance of this symbolic event maybe the fact that your very own Savior was dedicated will encourage you. I have seen a friend’s little girl be dedicated and it was truly wonderful to see the looks on their faces and I am sure yours would be just the same.

Thank you to my readers did not receive the email update on the pages progress for taking your time out to read my pieces. The page currently has about 550 readers according to Akismet stats and anywhere from one to seventeen readers at any given time. For this I thank you very much. This has developed into a ministry that I did not originally see it becoming and I could not be happier with the progress.

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God Bless



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