The mother who did not want her baby

A mother holds up her child.

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This story is a very uplifting one. For every child born to every mother throughout time, even if nobody else was happy to greet the child with warmth and love, at the very least the mother was. Except one. In the Old Testament we all know that part in Chronicles that for what seems like days goes on about the families of the kings. Who was whose grandmother, grandfather, child, mother, cousin, uncle etc. It is possibly the most dry and boring part of the Bible. Yes I just called a portion of the scripture BORING. This whole part of the Word, is strictly for the Jews to be able to trace their family trees and later, be able to use to advance themselves by saying they were from royal blood lines. One name, and only one name however stands out and seems out-of-place. Jabez (which means “he who brings sorrow) was born to a very sad and depressed mother. Scripture says that nobody, even her, rejoiced at his birth. She names him Jabez because he would bring her great sorrow. She did not want to be a mother. Later in his life, after fighting all adversities of his name sake, Jabez turned to God. He prayed that God bless him in more ways than anyone could count and gave his lift into the service of his Master, the Father of all creation. God granted his wish and he would go on to make his mother change her mind about him by doing great things that brought great blessings from God to the people. This briefly mentioned man in the Bible, is a PERFECT example of how the child that no one, not even his mother wanted was still desired by God. God proved this. Just as the Church is now responsible for bringing souls to Christ Jesus, the people of Jabez’s time did nothing to honor him at birth, nothing to encourage him, he had to do it all himself through God. He had no Church to turn to. The modern Church has no excuses for turning anyone away, and though I hear examples of church’s turning people away for different reasons, I am thankful to be a member at one who encourages every person, of every shape and size to worship at the foot of the Father together. Even someone who society has no use for, has a place at God’s table (the church).

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Amanda Watkinsu write these?!? I looked through several of them and realized you were writing! This is awesome Chris!!!

December 29, 2010 at 6:28pm ·

God Bless



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