Imagine The Love

Castle Hill, New Zealand


“Murder Jesus and release unto us, Barabbas

This was the essentially shout of the Jews to Pilate when he gave them the choice between the two. Can you imagine being Jesus, knowing what you were about to undergo for the very people who were condemning you? The love he must have had, to endure crucifixion, beating, public embarrassment, his face being spat in.

Barabbas was a political refugee, in his own words. He rebelled against every form of government he was ever put in front of. Every form of faith he was put in front of he spat in the face of. His hands were stained with the blood of innocent men, women, and children. Yet this crowd deified him in the place of THEIR Savior. Yet Jesus still died for them, and you. I just wanted to write briefly today to remind everyone exactly how much He loved, and loves you still.

In your darkest hour, you have a light in Jesus.



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