A story of greed

Elisha (right) Refusing Gifts from Naaman

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The lessons of Gehazi:

The lessons of Gehazi are few and simple to explain. Gehazi was the man-servant of Elisha the prophet, and served him well up until his great sin. The King had requested, while Elisha and Gehazi were there that he may bow to his statue idol. Elisha permitted it seeing it as a sin, but too small a sin to interfere with the more important matters at hand. By bowing and accepting this fake “god” Elisha would have been made wealthy as a king himself yet refused. Buy Gehazi seeing that Elisha gave the king a pass decided to do it behind his back to obtain wealth for himself. One split second decision condemned him to Elisha’s curse of leprosy and exile. Was it fair? After a lifetime of service? It does seem a bit harsh, but he was a direct friend and servant of God‘s main prophet at the time. He was the front man of the church, the poster child if you will. If the people saw a man doing something that would knowingly endanger the doctrine of God, what validity would the church then have? I do not condemn anyone for smoking or drinking in moderation, that is their private business and I don’t think God will keep them from Heaven because of it. But if a member of your church see’s you getting smashed at a bar and picking a fight with a stranger, how can you expect them to follow your guidance Sunday morning??

God Bless



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