Like father like son

(The Lessons of Menassah)

The history here is brief. Arguably the greatest king to reign over God’s people was King Hezekiah. Sadly he had no children and on his death-bed he begged God for a son to succeed him. God had purposely not given him a son because he foresaw the future. After tireless prayer God decided to grant his wish and gave him health long enough to finally have a son named Manasseh. Manasseh would become King Manasseh upon his 12th birthday. The youngest king of Judah and the longest reigning king from the House of David (55 years). After being crowned he overturned everything his father had ever done to lead the country in the ways of God. He turned it from a beautiful museum into a common whorehouse or crack house even. He even had Isaiah and Habakkuk hunted down and murdered or put asunder. He would be invaded later in his reign and jailed in a far off land where he begged God, after seeing the error of his evil ways, for forgiveness. God granted that forgiveness and gave him his freedom while returning him to his burned down kingdom to fix all he had broken. This is a story of a son who turned from the ways of his father and lived to regret it until finally turning back to his father and his God’s plan for him.

I had dozens of things I wanted to write about his reign and the lessons from him until I got to the end and it all made sense. I was not reading about Manasseh turning away from the lessons of the great Hezekiah. I was reading the story of my early life. My father was a man of God. A very well-respected musical talent, and a respected church leader while I was growing up. I turned from the ways he had taught me in my youth and cannot even begin to tell you how many wrong doings I regret and wish I could change. These days, my Dad would be the first to tell you that he is imperfect. Often times he does or says things that remind me of the lessons of my own childhood and I can’t help but smile, usually wishing I had taken that advice back then. While I am not, or have never been royalty. I definitely believe I studied this story for a reason, and treasure the lessons learned from it.

Facebook comments about this post:

    • Steve WoodsonI am so proud of you son and indeed I would and do admit that I am far from perfect. The important thing is what is in our hearts. What we do may not always be perfect but God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

      December 27, 2010 at 7:49pm · · 3 peopleLoading…
    • Lisa Strickland Efird Excellent and well written Chris. God’s word has so Many good “lessons” in it….. The older we get, the more discernment we have about ourselves, our rights, our wrongs, our relationships, and most importantly, God. : )

Grace & Blessings



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