Can “you” trust God?

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Trusting God is not always as easy as it sounds. The simple sounding question: “Can you trust God” is actually two questions wrapped in one. The first of which being “can you trust God to be there when you need him most?”  Times like: a miscarriage early or late into the pregnancy, suffering from a depression so bad that it actually puts you out of work and stops you from being able to earn a living for the very family’s finances that have you stressed to begin with, or what about a new parents passing away? These all, sadly have either happened in my family, to me personally, to amazing and dear friends, or members of my church family in just the last twelve months. These all seem like absolute crimes against us, at times, committed by God personally. Ever walked through a children’s cancer ward? But the Word tells us that God gives us the good and the bad both. Sometimes, to us, in seemingly unfair proportions. Take this story for instance.

The man with the majestic castle built on the sands of the most beautiful beach on Earth will eventually see his possessions washed to sea and blown away in the wind. This will happen long before the humble man, living in a one bedroom lower-income home,  built firmly up high on the strong rock foundation. We all know that this metaphor doesn’t mean anything at all about the homes themselves, but is about the actual men. The guy in the castle, envied by his neighbors and peers and viewed as the guy who has it all. While, the meager life of the humble man may lack in material greatness his is built on a strong foundation. A foundation of faith. He may or may not have been blessed the way that the brash, wealthy guy was. But, he never cursed God for his social or financial short comings, or his problematic children. Instead he praised God through the very eye of his life-storm and came out with a better appreciation for the immaterial, important things in life. The legacy of the rich man would be long forgotten by time while the legacy and story of the humble man would go on to inspire billions throughout the ages.

When God puts us in situations where we question God’s presence in our lives instead of giving God the time he wants to show us His way for our lives. Expecting God to give you a reason for every little thing that occurs in your life is insane. He doesn’t serve us, we serve him.

The second question within “Can you trust God” is simply, “Can you trust God?” Do you personally have the ability to let go of your problems and let God take control. We know that He will be there, He is always there. He made YOU, the air you just breathed into your lungs, and all of the knowledge over time that has built the very technology in order for you to be reading this right now.

He created man from the dust, or sand of the Earth. Since that time God has tried to show us that we are to move away from that sandy foundation of our inner selves.  He has given us a Rock to build our foundation on. His only son, Jesus. God wants us to leave that flimsy foundation of sand and instead, build upon the solid Rock. It is your choice. Do you want a legacy of sand, washed to sea or blown in the wind, completely forgotten by history with the exception of a footnote in a wonderful metaphor? Or a family. Built on a foundation that cannot be shaken?

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God Bless, and since I will be taking time away until after Christmas, have a very, very Merry Christmas.



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