Asa of Judah was the third king of the Kingdom...

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King Asa was the third king of Judah, and the fifth king of the House of David. He was the grandson of King Rehoboam, the great grandson of King Solomon, the great-great grandson of King David, and lastly, the father of his successor King Jehoshaphat. His reign was around 44 years, and a great one at that. He became king in a time of separationism. Idolatry had taken strong hold on God’s people and largely due to his mother and father. He was a man of pure heart and regardless of the path his family laid for him, he knew that statue worship was not the way of God. Therefore, upon his coronation the first steps he took were to begin the removal of all of the idols, including the massive one his mother personally had made and put in the palace gardens for her and her followers to worship. He made quite the public spectacle and point in doing so by buring it in public. His goal was to cleanse the faith of the nation and bring them back to God. Though he faced many adversaries in doing so, again including his own mother he achieved just that through a strong will and faith in his Heavenly Father. This goes to show you that regardless of your families past, and your predispositions in this world that you are not imprisioned by their deeds or thoguhts. You are not bound by their chains. Your legacy can indeed begin anew as well as your family’s legacy by the first steps you take today.  Please enjoy this video, as it clearly and simply states everything you have read thus far but in a more modern sense of course. After viewing and reading I hope you can learn from Asa’s example and begin taking the steps of faith that will carve your family’s legacy for decades to come. (be sure the volume is up) 

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