Lessons of Hiram the artisan

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Hiram was the greatest artisan the people of Tyre had ever seen. He could sculpt, paint, write, forge any metal, and cut any stone to great specifics. Therefore when it was time to build the Temple of God, once King David had passed away and King Solomon now reigned, they needed the absolute best in the business to oversee and create the Temple to God himself’s specifics.

The Temple of Solomon was the crown of art in the old world. There were many much larger on much grander scales but none could match its artistic perfection and beauty. It was during this time that King Hiram of Tyre wanted to lend his hand and send his servant who shared his first name, to the aid of King Solomon. This was truly the honor of a lifetime for an Israeli Tribal Era artisan. Hiram the artisan was born of an Israeli mother and a Gentile father, thus he got his artistic artributes from his father, and his faithfulness in God from his mother. He most decidedly had religious sympathies and feelings as his outstanding work in the Temple would go on to show us. He was “filled with wisdom and understanding”. These two things are direct gifts from the Holy Spirit. As Jesus would later bestow these same traits on artisans of the New Testament Era.

I won’t go into every particle of the schematics of building the Temple, you can read them for yoruself. But if all of the historical documents and legends are true, there has never in the history of life, been an equal in elegance and beauty. I decided to write this piece on Hiram the artisan for two reasons. The first being that we know the names of many of the worlds great artisans, yet this is one that generally escapes history buffs lectures. I feel that a man that could create something so beautifully close to perfection that God himself was proud and impressed, should be remembered by all believers. Secondly to use him as an example, if God can take a humble artisan from Tyre (a kindgom all to its own during this time), a man that history has truly all but forgotten, and inspire and empower him to make something like this, then I believe any believer who has a gift from the Creater, and has decided not to use it for whatever the reason, I must believe that they are rebelling against their very selves. Some are athletically gifted and are viewed as role models and given that platform to voice their faith in  the apropriate times. Some are given the gift of ministering to those in need. Whatever the gift you have been given, please, for your own sake, use it. It is after all, what you were made for.

God Bless



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