The lessons of Adonijah

Jacob Sees Esau Coming to Meet Him, c. 1896-19...

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When Adam and Eve gave thanks to God for the birth of their son, neither ever believed he would grow to murder his own brother out of jealousy over God’s favor. This was repeated throughout biblical history and even into the modern world. Children of devout parents often rebel and take the opposite road in life. Isaac’s heart was broken with the deceit of Jacob, and again due to the self-will of Esau. Jacob would go on to live and have the same happen with his two sons as well when he was falsely told that his favored son was dead (Joseph). Even still, few men have lived to feel the treachery that King David felt. After losing other sons, his less-favored son Adonijah would eventually gain a huge following among the tribes of Israel. And go on to try to overthrow his father. He was quite unsuccessful, as history clearly shows us that to counteract his betrayal, one of David’s last acts in life was to appoint his youngest son, after prophecies of how great he would become, Solomon as the new King. The sin of which Adonijah was guilty was the assumption of unlawful authority and state. This went against his father, his family, his nation, and most importantly, his God. God had given Nathan the prophet a vision of Solomon growing to lead Israel and buile his temple. Adonijah knew this fact all to well, but disregarded it over his lust for power. His words “I will be King” ring throughout history as famous words of someone who went against all that was right and just to gain power, and failed miserably. His motives had nothing to do with wanting to gain power in order to help his fellow man, they were of selfish ambition.

“No earthly honor is worth having except it is the result or the reward of character”

The above phrase is recited in Itallian, when a new Pope is elected to the Papacy. It stands to reason that any position not earned is not deserved. This may sound like the children of wealthy should not be wealthy, but most children of wealth are educated in order to control that wealth. This is a form of earning their place.

History is loaded with examples of men who were ambitious for the wrong reasons and humbled by God just like Adonijah.

1-Alexander the Great: Conquered a world and wept because there were no more worlds to conquer. Died in a scene of debauchery after setting fire to the city.
2-Hannibal: Bejeweled himself with the rings of slain knights, took pride in those killings. Eventually became depressed and comitted suicide in an unkown land, and was not morned by anyone.
3-Napolean: Conquerer of Europe died broken hearted in exile.

But those of selfless faith, such is the faith of the youth I see every week, are promoted in life as well as in the kingdom of Heaven. Conscience whispers to us of duty and love. Christ Himself, from the Cross, which was his stepping stone to His throne, still cries to everyone who will listen “follow me”.

While Adonijah, the man taught us nothing of joy or virtue. His mistakes are difinitely teachable situations. Ambition without Faith, is utterly useless and unfulfilling.

God Bless



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