Lessons from Jeroboam

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The Bible tells us that Jeroboam was the man who made Israel sin. He is worthy of serious study, not only because he changed the landscape of the entire nation. But also because his life left us with lessons that we still to this day can learn from. He was quite an example of successfulness, yet not an example of piety or modesty in any sense. He was, for all intents and purposes, an opportunist. His life is one that can easily be used to show us exactly how much we can achieve when the wrong means are used, and in turn, exactly how much we can lose. In Jeroboam’s case, his family was shamed throughout the ages as being responsible for Israel turning away from God. He was selected to be the tax collector of his own tribe of Ephraim by King Solomon who saw great potential in the man. History, and even current middle eastern economics tell us that when a man from a tribe achieved that particular promotion they instantly became successful and wealthy in contrast to their previous lifestyle. The tribe of Ephraim had long been jealous of God’s blessings to the tribe of Judah, in which the ruling class came from. Upon promotion, Jeroboam gained influence over his tribesman. He began plotting against the very people who showed confidence in him in the first place. By this time, Rehoboam, King Solomon’s successor was King. Little did King Solomon know that in promoting this man of Ephraim, he was in fact, putting in place the tool of his son’s destruction. In looking at the things that empowered him to gain his rapid success, we must notice his natural ability. A God given ability to delegate and rule. The same God he would eventually try to turn his entire people away from. Jeroboam was through in all of his works:masonry, tax collecting, and ruling. Opportunity was his greatest gift, had it not been for King Solomon noticing his hard labors in the first place, he may very well have never had a reason for history to remember him. Before King Solomon’s death he caught wind of Jeroboam’s plans, and to punish him for planning this governement overthrow, he exiled him to Egypt. Once Rehoboam took the throne, back came Jeroboam seeing him as weak, to try again. He nearly succeeded. He began tricking the people into following cults and idol worship until finally meeting his bleak demise.

He achieved everything, well nearly everything he ever set his mind to thanks to the gifts he was given by God. Once he decided to overthrow the men that God himself had charged with leadership, he effictively turned against God himself. The guy eventually got so full of himself that he actually thought he could beat God, with the very toold that God gave him. Use your tools wisely, for they are given of God. Not to be used in opposition for the reasons they were given.



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