The Lessons of Enoch

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Reverend W.J. Townsend, D.D. (1930’s Philadelphia, PA) authored the Book on Enoch that I have been studying. If you are one of the many who recognize the name Enoch, but cannot recall where in scripture it came from. Enoch was the Great Grandson of Adam (the first man, the Father of Methuselah (the oldest man in the scripture), and the Grandfather of Noah.
He lived a simple life. Farming mostly, to keep his people fed. Enoch  is also historically accredited with three biblical books, however not in the Protestant Bible.
    The Book of Enoch– found in the Ethiopic Bible
    2nd Book of Enoch-found in the Old Slavonic Bible (commonly used in Bulgaria)
    3rd Book of Enoch- A Kabbalistic Hebrew text, telling the tale of Enoch’s ascension to  Heaven where God personally appointed him Commander of the Archangels.

Scripture tells us that Enoch “walked with God”. His creed was a simple one. He had very few rules to follow and set the same for his family and his people. Several ancient texts regard him as literally walking with God. Being a close personal confidant and friend of the Father. Many of his greatest lessons that we are left to learn from are simply encouraging fellowship and friendship. I believe most of this came from his friendship with God. It was a much simpler time back then, there were no less distractions from his relationship with his Master. My pastor recently gave a sermon on getting your mind clear before worship, and removing yourself from distractions. My hope is simply that after reading this, you can take this very simple lesson and apply it to your daily life. In fact, speaking of Enoch again, his relationship was so important to God, that the Master decided not to let death take Enoch, but to bring him, in grand ascension-style to his side in Heaven. The ancient Hebrew texts speak of him being appointed Commander of the Archangels. Now that is a friendship. Not only allowing him to avoid death, but giving him quite the promotion as a result of his faithfulness. We all have an Enoch. Whether it is a spouse or a friend. Treasure that friendship and encourage more fellowship between other believers. It is extremely healthy for your faith life, and theirs. From Enoch, we learn that man is a social being. Man craves fellowship and frienship at his very core. Take for instance the story of a prisoner in Bastille after years of solitary confinement he was saved from total mental collapse by a rat in which he used as a confidant. Take also an old English times prisoner, who found a pigeon on his barred tower window who also viewed the bird as a friend and even shared his food with it. How Enoch pleased God prior to the birth of his son Methuselah, we are not told in scripture. We are told, however that after his sons birth, he walked with God for three hundred years. I believe it was written this way to show his character as a father. That once he had someone who looked up to him he purposely chose to go the extra mile to set the right example. Rev Townsend also points out that another thing Enoch taught us was that every gift of God should be viewed as a call to renewed praise and prayer, to a more perfect and joyous service. We are also told in scripture that  “Enoch pleased God” which should be seen as the greatest prize a follower of the faith could have bestowed upon them. Make no mistake about it, Enoch had his detracters just as modern day Christians do, that did not stop him and neither should it stop you.

God Bless


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