Being the Samaritan

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Last night I had a big opportunity. To do something “Christ-like”. I would like to go on record saying that regardless of the occasion or circumstances I have never picked up a stranger in need. Several times I recall feeling remorseful after passing them by but last night was different. As I drove home from work last night sometime around midnight, I was brought to a near stop, to go around a vehicle in the dark that looked abandoned with no lights at all on in the middle of the road. The first thought that crossed my mind was “Someone is going to slam into that car, as dark as it is”. But about a block later I saw a woman, somewhere between my wife and mother’s ages walking and shaking from the cold. The temperature outside was in the twenties and the wind was harsh. I got through the next two traffic lights and my stomach sank thinking about how I would feel if nobody stopped to help my wife, or God forbid, my wife and near three month old. I turned around to retrieve her, and see what I could help with. The end result was her getting fuel for her truck and avoiding a ticket from two of Henry’s finest. I felt good. I still feel great about it. While I would not dare pretend to compare myself or any of my personal actions to those of Christ, I know he would have done the same. And that simple thought, was all the more reason to have done it, and to do it again if the situation arises. When she asked me, “Why did you pick up a stranger, I would have been too afraid and never done it”. I replied “Now, maybe you will”. And after reading this, maybe you will too. God bless.

I will be publishing a new series on The Lesser Known Men of the Bible soon. Beginning with Enoch. It was inspired by a book on the exact same thing. Great read, and free on Kindle if you are interested.



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